In at the Deep End

August 18, 2018 8 By Lance Kelly

To be in at the deep end is to have taken the plunge into the unknown. The unknown is fathomless and the descent is a continuous revelation of the divine mystery behind the formal appearance of the world.

The barrier which stops someone entering the deep end before it’s time is the fear of detaching from the world through the identification with what’s assumed to be the only reality. This is the psychosis which keeps the person bobbing on the surface level of existence. Another common anxiety for people is sinking too deeply too soon. The truth is that the spiritual buoyancy of the body consciousness finds the level of the psyche comparable to the self-knowledge of the individual. However, consciousness is always moving on, making it possible to descend ever more deeply as the life unfolds and the attachment to the world diminishes.

What we’re endeavouring to do is to be conscious of the inner state while simultaneously being present in the senses in the outer world. This is the total immersion in consciousness as an inner and outer state of being. A useful practice whenever reminded is to interrupt the momentum of the day, either at work or around the house. The idea is to pause and drop everything as any emotional tension which tends to gather particularly in the shoulders, throat and head. Then it’s possible to return to the task at hand, revitalised through this action of consciousness.

To descend into the depths of the psyche, it’s necessary to disengage from the identification with the body’s natural functions, which continue autonomously regardless of whatever inner state is realised out of existence. When nothing perceives nothing, the self-conscious element which normally keeps the attention distracted by something in the objective world then disappears. This induces the faster than light speed perception which, when integrated with the frontal intelligence, initiates a time change enabling existence to be perceived before it takes form. And this is the point of my teaching.

The spirit is unknowable to the human mind since its timeless quality is unable to be held as an experience. What may appear to have little significance to begin with bears much spiritual value as the process intensifies in the detachment to being a slave to time and the forces of existence. Pure energy, which is the power of spirit, enters the brain at a velocity beyond the speed of light. But the brain, being a product of time and past, is compelled to approximate the energy of the spirit through the relatively slower time gradient of sensory perception.

Anyone who can receive what’s been written here has already emerged out of the shallow perception of human awareness to make the search for truth the most important focus in the life. The more of us able to maintain this one-pointed endeavour, the more that others will be assisted to descend into the depths of the psyche through the collective pool of self-knowledge.

Thank you all for being willing to join me in this place of immense profundity where wonders never cease.