Introduction to a Talk entitled ‘The Creative Point’ at the Bristol Theosophical Society, England

May 11, 2019 1 By Lance Kelly

Just being in the world we absorb tension. We cannot avoid absorbing the world. So periods of silence such as we’ve just had are effective in letting go of the tensions and anxieties we gather within the body. What powers the mind as excessive thinking is the emotional pain and suffering experienced in the past. The only obstacle to spiritual freedom is the human mind. That’s a strange thing isn’t it? Often, when someone starts to meditate there’s much progress; but it’s not long before there’s a barrier which requires a greater resolve and power to negate. There’s no power in the world – only force. Out here everything has an opposite polarity, such as positive or negative, heat and cold and so forth. The only power in the universe is the power of Will. For a long time in the spiritual process this is all we have as an anchor to offset the resistance of the self-fixated emotional self.

The subject of the talk tonight is what I call ‘The Creative Point’. This is something which became a profound inner focus for me many years ago. This was inspired by the spiritual master Barry Long, whom I love as I love God. In Barry’s teaching this was referred to as the enlightenment point, which is located in the deepest recess of the brain. The point is a light which resonates at a different frequency in every body. The more illuminated the light, the more the sense of the present or presence of now. A dimmer light, although having the potential for a greater luminosity, is indicative of a short attention span and the person will struggle to remain still for long without being distracted by the movement of the mind. Every time we overcome adversity by not reacting when provoked, we add to the point as a greater enlightenment. Although perhaps only a spark over a lifetime, the overall contribution creates the spiritual essence of the living life – the radiant creative point.

When we’re being creative as a pleasurable activity such as in artistic expression, pottering in the garden or just enjoying being with another, the light starts to glow. And of course there are increments of creative pleasure such as making love, which is the ultimate divine light maker. And the light whenever we’re being creative is retained, although it’s mostly obscured by the rational perspective of the mind. What tends to happen is that, since most people live an emotional way of life, such as looking forward to an exciting event (which is usually followed by the inevitable downside of depression), the finer energies are depleted from the body. So the light is there but gets covered over, and so people are unable to connect so readily with their own wellbeing.

The idea in the spiritual life is to reach a speed of intelligence whereby the creative point becomes a self-sustaining or more enduring light. These climacteric points are what is termed self-realisation, which has many different levels of spiritual knowledge. The realisation at specific gradations of the psyche changes the frequency of the creative point, so that the inner state resonates to the consciousness of the incoming flow of reality. The more enlightened the being, the greater the power as a reflected mirror of truth for others. This then enables those receptive to the higher consciousness to become more illuminated and self-realised as their own creative point. When someone has absorbed the spiritual light of the teacher to a comparable state of inner truth, they leave and may gravitate to a deeper source of truth, or perhaps begin a new phase of life without the need for further spiritual instruction.

Question: I’m not clear about this light. When a child is born are they born with this light?

Yes the light is present at birth, but only as a potential and not as an activated presence. The light originates as a beam from deep within the psyche. It’s on this light beam that each life incarnates and withdraws back into at death. The apex of the beam is the creative point which extends all the way back to eternity. And this is why it’s possible for anyone to realise the highest truths or get the idea in an instant of some wonderful aspect of reality. Our whole system of modern communications is an external reproduction of the inner process. You know how fibre optic broadband is able to transmit faster rates of data when the system has been updated, so inwardly the beam is able transmit swifter sequences of reality to the degree that the personal space of the psyche has been purified. We are all connected to a source of power which is a greater light. And this is God.

 7th May, 2019