Living the Truth

May 26, 2023 1 By Lance Kelly

The inflow of spirit, as it passes through the emotional body, can disturb early traumas and unresolved aspects of experience. It’s common for people to become absorbed with going into this area of their self in an endeavour to gain a deeper understanding of what happened. Although this can be helpful at a therapeutic level, it’s not the way of truth. Whatever is unresolved within the psychic system behind the form appears externally in the present circumstances of the person’s life. As the external affairs are tidied up, any inner trauma is naturally restored to the original state of love. Furthermore, as a reciprocal exchange from the purification of the emotional body, the knowledge of that particular aspect of the human condition is made more conscious and accessible to the mind.

It’s only possible to be emotionally disturbed by something out of place in the external living life. As the outer life is harmonised (and this can take many years) there are longer periods of an absence of inner conflict. Existence can only really be measured by what someone is attached to, which creates a tension during the time taken for that particular desire to be fulfilled. When at peace, there is no objective world as any projection of mind – only the ongoing state of being. What is eventually discovered is that words such as ‘beginning’ and ‘end’ have no real meaning from the spiritual perspective. There is only this ever present moment being renewed through an incomprehensible speed of reality.

Regardless of one’s wealth or position in society, nobody escapes having to confront the difficulties of life in one way or another. However, since each body is a particular cell in a vast body of consciousness called humanity, everyone is helped along the way by those who have preceded them. It’s by the way of things that when someone is ready to begin to live as a more responsible being of the earth, a teacher or source of truth is provided to reflect the knowledge of what is needed to become more conscious of the purpose of their life.


Extract from e-book: Living the Truth