Living with Uncertainty

August 27, 2022 1 By Lance Kelly

Uncertainty is a powerful truth of this existence. It’s impossible to be certain of anything except that everyone suffers as a consequence of being born. Only in the human animal is the uncertainty of living made problematical. The rest of the species exist in harmony with the ever-changing moment; to them there’s no distinction between life and death in their instinctual innocence as spontaneous expressions of the creative principle.

The world exists as an enormous magnet of propaganda to insulate the masses from the awful truth – that there’s no future in existence apart from death. Science and religion, upheld as the bastion of western civilisation, are unable to impart any real knowledge that would fundamentally reverse the human condition of unhappiness. The overall effect of this lopsided way of life is a global neurosis, which heightens fear whenever personal security is threatened or suggests that the path ahead is anything but certain. What’s usually overlooked is that uncertainty, when consciously faced and perceived in the context of life’s totality, is the creative aspect of being.

By the way of things, difficulties are unavoidable and sometimes just coping is all that can be done. However, life always provides the solution in the living process to dispel any of the negative effects of living a narrow personal existence. This is especially so when someone begins to come alive by refusing to compromise with the fluctuating feelings of the emotional self, and indulgence in habitual activities which deplete the vital life in the body. With the new energy available through harnessing the power, events and happenings are perceived afresh and actually start to mirror the workings of the inner mystery behind the appearance of the world. Then, the challenges and stresses of everyday life can be scrutinised with a developing spiritual perception which reveals new insights and the appropriate action for any situation.

As self-knowledge deepens, there’s a growing awareness of reduced anxiety in challenging situations that in the past would have caused great distress and uncertainty. There can often be financial hardship, but only to the degree necessary to break any attachment to material security. The integrity of life ensures that what’s provided at any moment is sufficient for the needs of the situation. In living the divine life – which is to simply divine within the body the good or God that has no opposite – the personal self must eventually be reduced to unite with the original state of being. The process can last for many years, even a lifetime, but with the knowledge that the uncertainty of living is gradually being transformed to a higher octave of truth.

Extract from e-book: ‘The Call of the Spirit’ available from Amazon Kindle.