Living Without Problems

December 31, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

Difficulties are unavoidable in the world but they need not become problems. There is always an opportunity to observe how often a problem is made of situations in the everyday life. For example, someone sets off for an important meeting, only to discover that the car won’t start. At the initial moment of perception it’s just a happening which is not creating any ripples within the psyche. However, what immediately follows determines the way things will subsequently unfold. And this can be applied to any situation or event. Should the person react emotionally and start worrying that they’ll miss the meeting, the situation must reflect back the mounting stress and agitation. By refusing to be identified with any emotional negativity, circumstances will work towards a speedier solution; someone unexpectedly offers a lift or the phone rings to say the meeting’s been re-scheduled.

We can indeed be surprised by an unexpected turn of events but this is a part of the way of things in existence. Problems arise through taking something in particular out of context of the whole of life. In other words, make a problem of something and consciousness behind the scenes is compelled to adjust accordingly to create more problems; whereas by sticking to the facts and remaining unemotional, the absence of conflict enables harmony to be restored. This will keep the focus of mind on the matter at hand. It’s to look and see what the situation requires, which often contradicts what the feelings suggest as the dominant course of action. If it’s not clear what to do, then do nothing for now. Life is always moving on and a new possibility may present itself next moment, next hour or day. Circumstances that previously caused anxiety are sometimes miraculously resolved, or can be managed effectively with a greater degree of authority.

People continually make changes to try to improve their lives. Sometimes things improve, but more often than not another problem arises and the person goes on to repeat old patterns, resulting in more frustration and agitation. The solution is to resist making personal decisions and taking pre-emptive actions. For example, someone may be unhappy at work and looking to move on, but is as yet undecided. It’s to remain receptive to the possibility of change but continue in the current job while waiting for right opportunity.To contain the knowledge within that it would be pleasing to begin something new instigates the creative power to bring about the means for it to happen. Similarly, in a love relationship that is clearly not working, the man or woman can invoke the power for right change simply by holding to the knowledge of what they truly desire. Then, if the time comes to part, there will be no residue of emotional pain to hinder a clean break to start a new phase of life.

As the force of the emotional self is gradually transformed, the circumstances in the life become less problematical. This is because the power of consciousness, which creates the moment to moment unfolding of sensory life, is then able to provide the natural solution to each last frame of existence. While unabated, the energy of emotion recirculates the unresolved aspects of the person’s past experience, appearing as the disharmonious and often fragmented way of life. In living the truth, what is discovered (with an ever deepening sense of reverence) is that I the individual create my world in accordance with how it is perceived. Make a problem of something and the psyche is compelled to reaffirm that particular condition of existence through circumstances and events. But to the degree that I’m no longer creating problems, the inner and outer realms begin to merge to support the life’s purpose. I then see there are no more problems in my life or on in the world.

Extract from the e-book: ‘Living the Truth’ available from Amazon Kindle. (Click on Books Tab)