Living Your Truth

August 10, 2019 2 By Lance Kelly

From a worldly perspective, living the divine life often seems such a selfish way to live. Of course it’s not, but it appears so to those unable to relate to this way of life. Dare you live your truth or is there a fear of what the world may say? For example, nobody is supposed to declare that they are God realised, particularly in the West which has no spiritual values outside organised religion. The self-driven material consciousness of our western culture is unable to appreciate the enormous humility of the one who utters this most sacred declaration. And it invariably provokes a hostile reaction. Why is this?

Within every man is the master and his deepest yearning is to realise this source of inner divinity. It’s the shame of his avoidance of consciously serving life and love that invokes his reactionary self to mock or ridicule anyone who claims to have realised the truth. Even the poseurs and charlatans who masquerade as the living truth, in their ignorance taste the water even though they are unable to contain the incoming waves of spiritual power. A woman is likely to react to a realised state of consciousness in a man when she has projected her natural love of the male principle onto some abstract notion of divine love, such as Jesus Christ. This avoidance to participate in the physical actuality of love has the effect of crimping the female psyche and making her dismissive of love in the flesh.

It is up to the individual man or woman, to divine the source of gold which is the truth within. Nobody can do it for you. The masters and genuine spiritual teachers are provided to help reflect the inner mystery. Can I in every body be this mighty truth without taking anything for myself? Fortunately there are safeguards built into our system which ensure that the realisations of higher truth come right on time – when the individual can contain the power and then the glory of life. In the meantime, a spiritual teacher may appear to assist the process. When the work has been done with a particular teacher, the person may leave to be with a more powerful reflection of truth. The purpose of the teacher is to reduce the perception of existence to a finer version than before back to the final ignorance, which is the teacher and teaching itself.

Living the truth is not a part-time job. It’s a full time occupation, a devotion to a higher love. It’s not about isolating oneself in a cave but fully participating as an ordinary man or woman in the everyday activities of life – but with a difference. This is the foundation of purpose, which is to become more conscious of life and love. It requires a dedicated scrutiny of every area of the daily life to uncover anything false which is depleting the finer energies needed to enter the body more profoundly. This will give increasing power to remain conscious and alert to counter the enormous distractions of the world, which exist to keep the mind active and the emotions agitated in the matter. It takes great presence to remain in the equilibrium of being while all around is the mayhem and momentum of these times.