Logos: The Power of the Word

April 19, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

Logos is the point of reality which energetically contains the creative idea of life on earth. As this supreme point of spirit diffuses as gradations of power lines into existence, the structure of reality is replicated at every level. One way devised to impart the idea of logos is language and the use of right words.

Behind every word is an abstract energy that carries with it either a power or force in the communication. The power of the word is determined by two factors: the first is its timeless quality in terms of describing an aspect of eternity or the original state of being; the second is the state of consciousness of the individual and the degree that the word has been realised in the living circumstances of the life.

At the beginning of time words were sparse and used only to communicate ideas or aspects of life that had not yet manifested in the outer world. Ordinary objects such as tree or rock would have been deemed unnecessary as a word since the object was self-evident for all to perceive. Original words included ‘love’, ‘truth’ and ‘God’ and still retain their original power. But due to the degeneration of virtue in human beings, they are no longer able to instantly communicate the energetic reality behind the formalised structure of the language. Today we communicate information and data which has been divested of power and, consequently, is meaningless as a way of imparting the truth of life.

The logos is distinguished by a flow or rhythm that has no discernible beginning or end. The power of logos is negation. This is why when truth is spoken, a state of stillness and simplicity is invoked. The result is just the opposite in the normal jargon of the world where the rationality of the mind is dominant and spews forth an endless tirade of information. This creates an ever increasing momentum and the need for more machines to keep pace with the data being processed globally. The overall effect is a clogging up of the world psyche, with the residue of past overflowing as the pollution of the natural earth.

At the summit of humanity, at any point in evolutionary time, is the embodiment of the logos who appears as a living master. Christ was the logos of his times, as was the Buddhic consciousness realised by Siddhartha Gautama four hundred years or so before. Barry Long, my own spiritual master and the source of my inspiration, was to me the living truth of the logos in this modern era. As I’ve written before, only the power of the master consciousness is able to shatter the almost impenetrable resistance to the truth within the being. But within everybody is the opportunity to invoke whatever’s necessary in worldly circumstances to assist the realisation of the individual logos in accordance with the lights or spiritual potential of the man or woman.

Unless a person discovers something greater to serve than their self, the power of communication as the word will be ineffective and lack the penetrative directness of truth. The original energy behind the word ‘love’, for example, is realised through giving to the needs of the situation and by surrendering the right to be resentful or angry towards another. The rarest thing in the spiritual life is for someone to live what they declare and communicate as their truth. But unless the words are supported by a realised state of consciousness, the logos will be ineffective and unable to reach the depths of the being.

We exist to impart the virtue of life on earth. Or at least we used to before the proliferation of words and dictionaries expanded in proportion to the distance we’ve travelled from our sublime origins. When the communication of love and truth is disregarded, the value of the life diminishes to a shade of its creative potential.