Love and Sex

April 7, 2020 4 By Lance Kelly

A woman writes: ”Making love” has nothing to do with love. It’s simply sex. Need.

And this is many women’s experience, more or less.

It comes down to the truth of sex and love. The difficulty is that no one has shown her the difference. While a woman is identified with the effects of sex, love is blind in existence. When love is present, the sexual act is a joyous, wonderful and divine interaction between two people. Love is only invoked when partners share a sense of purpose which is not based on sentimental love or personal gratification. This can only happen when the two people are sufficiently conscious through having suffered enough at the hands of sex in isolation of love in their past experiences.

But in most instances, woman has had no choice but to go along with sexual man who attached her to sexual excitation and, in so doing, she abdicated her command of love. The only thing she can do now is make a stand for love if she’s suffered enough and not cut off from love altogether (which is common in women who have been abused at the hands of sexual man).
Woman cannot trust man as he is but need not doubt him if love is demonstrated through his actions and not just his sweet words. If a woman hops into bed with man after just meeting him, she denies him the opportunity to demonstrate his love for her over time in his enjoyment of simply being in her presence. The man must be willing to take her on, including all her past disappointments and traumas at the hands of other men. When conscious of his noble task, it is man’s pleasure to undertake to restore woman back to her original innocence and purity of love.

Love is a mighty principle which can transform the life when allowed to come forward in the willing surrender of the person to the inner mystery of love itself. When a woman no longer compromises at the hands of sexual man, she attracts a lover who is worthy to reach her at her deepest centre in love. Making physical love, when there is the opportunity, is the way to make a real contribution to the appalling condition of life on earth. Everything else is an avoidance of the purpose of being in existence. The fact that it’s hard and challenging at times is integral to love’s purpose. This is for partners to suffer rightly and to be willingly disabused of their personal attachment to the form of the other. The idea is to be transformed to the octave of impersonal love, which is devotion to the principle of love itself – the formless lover which is God in existence within the depths of each body.