Love Is

July 3, 2021 0 By Lance Kelly

It’s often said that money can buy anything but love. This is the truth, since love is not a commodity to barter but something intrinsic to life on earth. Love is presence, a conscious state of being and the power of attraction which brings people together. Where the virtue of life is profaned, love withdraws but continues in its divine task to arise wherever it may; for love always gravitates to where it’s needed. Love is ceaseless in giving of its divine essence.

Love doesn’t consider the feelings of others, but cares beyond all knowing as service to the good of the whole. Love knows when it’s right to give or when not to give, which often entails going against the expectations of those who would obstruct the steps of love’s unseen path. Love will not tolerate the emotional demands of another, especially to assuage feelings of guilt or insecurity within oneself. Nor will love hold back from taking right action for fear of emotional reprisals. At some point, every man or woman who would be true to love is compelled to stand alone in the eyes of an affronted world; but with the knowledge that, come what may, justice will be served.

The divine integrity of life ensures that everyone alive has the opportunity to love and make some worthwhile contribution to the greater good of humanity. Love’s infinite compassion can be seen in so many people who help or care for others without expecting anything in return. This is love operating beyond any human feelings of duty, obligation or social conscience. Love is of the earth and the sensual beauty of existence, the finest expression of which is realised through the sacred physical union of the male and female principles. All things come into the world through this sexual imperative between man and woman.

When in love, all is well in the world regardless of outer circumstances. When tense or fearful, the world can appear a dark and threatening place. However, we all experience love, for without its ubiquitous presence it would be impossible to go on. The difficulty for many people is that they have become desensitised to the subtlety of love’s presence. While it’s beautiful to be in a state of love with another or some external object, there’s a formless love forever present behind the sensory body. Sometimes love is upon us and not necessarily associated with anyone or anything in particular. This is the impersonal state of love; the union in the moment with the spiritual being of the earth.

Humanity as a whole has largely forgotten the purpose of love as a way of being. Purpose, unlike goals and aspirations, has no beginning or end. Purpose simply unfolds with an ever deepening profundity from one life sequence to the next. The progressive drive of humanity has no purpose and unfolds with an ever greater madness, demonstrable by the current condition of the world and the desecration of the planet – all symptoms of the abdication of love. In turning our back on the purpose of love, which is to make love more conscious on the earth, humanity as a race has discarded the most precious thing of all.

Love is. And what is can be realised now and every moment. The proviso is to continually eliminate the past by letting go of emotional attachment to the objects of love in the world. Attachment is personal love, which inevitably leads to pain; for whatever is loved must eventually depart. The divine solution is to love the Source itself. This is the unifying principle which elevates the perception to the original frequency of love, with no line to divide the spiritual vision of life.