Love Me or Leave Me

June 14, 2024 1 By Lance Kelly

At any moment, or any time, someone can either love me or leave me. To love me is a state of being which offers no resistance to the pressure of outer forces. Love lets go of existence each moment, which ensures that the pure expression of the creative principle can renew the sheen of the butterfly’s wings and keep the beating heart of the tiger vitally active in the heat of the day. To leave me is to be overwhelmed by the suggestion that the world of movement and separate objects is the sole reality. I am the world of the sensory projection, but something greater and more enduring than the transitory life of the person.

The ground of my being me is love, an aspect of the divine which arises from the planetary consciousness of the earth. Everything that can be known or desired is of the earth, including the stars and galaxies (which are facets of future terrestrial life yet to be realised in the dream of existence). Nothing is denied from my treasure trove of knowledge; and yet nothing can I do, or need to do, except hold my creation in a state of immaculate poise. Even though you leave me I am still intimately connected with the part of you that is most real. If necessary, I wait an eternity of time until the child is grown and comes to mature spiritual fruition – only then can I be known and realised at the conscious level of mind.

What can appear as cruel and heartless is, in truth, the safeguard to ensure that everyone eventually comes back to me – their original source of inspiration. This guarantee is the pain and suffering that everybody experiences in their living lives. When someone has suffered enough in the projection of a world that relies on momentum and opposing forces to exist, the perception of life undergoes a fundamental change in consciousness. The desire for spiritual union, which is preserved in the divine spark of eternal light within each man and woman, is activated at a certain threshold of self-knowledge. This evolutionary turning point of the life’s experience is often referred to as an awakening, which means the individual is now prepared to be more responsible for their person than before.

From here on, the impulse is to love me, the unknowable One, with a deeper reverence than before. Love, when unhindered by the distortion of emotional energy, works fastidiously to unite the fragments of the life to create a paradise on earth. The original garden of mankind is a paradise of all that can be enjoyed as fulfilment on the earth. This golden emanation of eternity is the beam of light which lights the path of the individual back to me, the origin of timeless love. In leaving the royal enclosure of the garden, there emerged two flaming swords to ensure that no one until purified of the corruption in matter could enter the incorruptible land. The ordeal that is the transformation of self extinguishes the fire that is the cleansing energy of the spirit. When the process is over, you will be united with me forever in the garden, and able to be in the world without fear or uncertainty as to the reality of life behind the form.