Love’s Divine Fragrance

September 19, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

The sensual world is an amazing production of creative genius; but, try as we might, we’re always separate from other things, even the person we cherish the most. Physical lovemaking is as close as we can get to reach another, but usually only for a comparatively short time. However, the fragrance of love is an enduring state, and a way in which the seemingly impossible union between man and woman can be bridged.

Each living organism is imbued with a divine fragrance. The newborn baby, or even the puppy, emits a psychic fragrance of innocence, which communicates at a level beyond the senses. However, love’s fragrance gradually begins to lose its original purity and becomes more contaminated in time as the odour of self. The self is the repugnant stench of the person, often apparent in public places where the garbage of the world spills out onto the street. Anyone living in the countryside knows the difference between the inoffensive aroma of fresh manure and the odious mix of chemicals in industrial fertilisers.

Fragrance, although commonly associated with the sense of smell, has a far more profound influence on how we experience life in the world. The place of birth is highly significant to our subsequent development and appreciation of the sensual world. In the early years, and at the end of the life, the senses are particularly alert and function in a heightened state of receptivity. People are often drawn to geographical places which reproduce these original feelings where they have a sense of being more rooted to the earth.

For a man there’s nothing on earth to compare with the fragrance of the female, which edifies his consciousness as a quality of pure beauty. Every part of her is a facet of living art, and man’s deepest desire is to merge in the flesh with She, for only then is he complete. The fragrance of man is not dependent on physical strength or worldly position, but determined by his power to love; in this he communicates to a woman his true authority and virtue. A man or woman who has turned their back on love sometimes emanates a sterile aroma, rather like a rose that has lost its beautiful scent. But the bouquet of a woman is love, which is always there waiting to be acknowledged and revitalised.

A woman will often use perfume to make herself more attractive to man, so as to enhance an aspect of her mystery. However, when connected to her love and at ease in her feminine nature, she’s less inclined to mask her natural fragrance. Similarly, when a man becomes more attuned to nature and the purity of the female principle, the less is he inclined to disguise his masculine emanation. When a woman sees a man pause to inhale the scent of a flower, it communicates to her his sensitivity and openness to love.

The fragrance of love has no discernible attribute, but is registered at a level of the psyche before life takes form in the senses. In an attempt to reproduce this source of original love, manufacturers of perfumes and colognes busily experiment with exotic recipes of nature; but, try as they might, they can never replicate the divine fragrance of love.  Only love has the power and creative passion to unify all the senses at once. When two bodies make love, the sheer pleasure is a sensual fusion that unites the normally separate senses of sight, touch feeling, smell, taste, and hearing.  Another name for this is the mysterious sixth sense, which is no longer differentiated but a unity of being beyond the concept of time. It’s this profound magnet of irresistible attraction which compels everybody to return to the source of love within.

Extract from e-book: ‘Making Love Real’