Making Way for Love

October 26, 2019 0 By Lance Kelly

When making way for love is a total living practice it becomes an effortless state of being. However, love is powerless to come forward as an agency of the great harmony of life unless supported by the integrity that resides deep within the individual. In other words, a man or woman must be willing and able to respond to the needs of the moment from a place of clarity and not from the distorted position of the past.

An infant fresh from the womb doesn’t need to make way for love; there’s nothing to corrupt the innocence of the being. This state of love is retained briefly until the person arises in time as the wanting and demands that perpetuate the unhappiness of life on earth. Behind the person is a feeling emotional self. Everybody’s self consists of the pain and pleasure experience gathered since birth which forms the resistance to the ease and flow of life. Like a fizzy cocktail, this emotionally volatile brew spills over periodically to infect and contaminate anyone in its path.

Love doesn’t consider the feelings of others, but cares beyond all knowing as service to the good of the whole; for love always gravitates to where it’s needed. Love knows when it’s right to give or when not to give, which often entails going against the expectations of those who would obstruct the steps of love’s unseen path. For example, love will not tolerate the emotional demands of another, especially to assuage feelings of guilt or insecurity within oneself. Nor will love hold back from taking right action for fear of emotional reprisals. At some point every man or woman who would be true to love is compelled to stand alone in the eyes of an affronted world; but with the knowledge that come what may justice will be served, if not immediately then in time.

Making way for love is to be ever vigilant to the intrusion of anything that may sully the purity of inner space. Such discernment comes with the cessation of self-judgement, through which the judgement of others is transcended in the compassion of universal love. To make way for love is to surrender the last moment so as to keep the psyche free flowing as it was intended to be. To make way for love is to be conscious of the higher purpose of being in existence. When someone has truly made way for love so that it becomes a continual letting go of the strain of living, they are at peace in the knowledge that love is in charge of all life and not just one’s own.