Mass Shootings

June 9, 2023 4 By Lance Kelly

Not so long ago, mass shootings were an isolated event which made headlines around the world whenever they happened. Today, the regularity of these appalling incidents have become commonplace and largely accepted as a fact of modern life. This is most prevalent in America where most people have access to firearms, and the gun culture is a predominant feature of the lifestyle in many States. But what is happening to incite more people to arm themselves and kill and maim indiscriminately?

Everyone is looking to be acknowledged and to know in the depths of the being that they are worthy to exist. When someone reaches a point whereby they no longer feel they have anything to contribute to the world except the pain and anger of their own inner self turmoil, a reflex action within the psyche penetrates the nucleus centre of the brain. This is the same procedure that instigates a spiritual realisation, the difference being that instead of a purity of light and clarity there is a magnification of the unresolved negativity of past hurts and traumas. The individual’s focus becomes a funnel of hate, with no other alternative but to bring down those who appear to have the love and security they desperately crave to the same level of hopelessness as their own.

People follow this pattern of behaviour in varying degrees, most noticeably in their personal relationships. The person becomes critical of others and a catalyst to agitate the energies of emotional negativity. But for a person who harbours a grudge against the whole of society, the personal pain and unhappiness is likely to be reinforced through the psychic forces of humanity’s past experience. These psychic entities seek to gain possession of a living body to feed off the vital life they are unable to experience within the psyche. The effect of an entity entering the human brain excites and entices any individual vulnerable to the psychic possession to take the fatal course of action.

But there is something else happening within the world psyche that is influencing the behaviour of people in society around the world. The mass shootings are but one effect of an increasing global paranoia affecting all but the most insensitive. The line between sanity and psychosis is becoming ever more tenuous. This is because, unconsciously, the people of the earth have the intrinsic knowledge of the consequences of the abdication of love on earth. But for the masses this cannot be realised in a way that changes anything for good as a global way of life. The pressure of the times is driving the majority of people even further out into the screen of existence. The further out the man or woman travels, the greater the sense of isolation and more extreme the measures to find some semblance of love in the world. This is why mass shootings will escalate in the future, along with other random attacks as effects of the degeneracy of the times.

From the spiritual perspective the overall condition of life on earth, including the impact of climate change, AI robots and elimination of the genders, is part of the next phase of human evolution. The reality behind the appearance of existence never changes or ever will. But in the time gradient of sensory perception, the earth and life forms are preparing for an unprecedented period of instability and civil unrest with far-reaching consequences for the way of life. What will make the transition more tolerable for most of the population will be astonishing breakthroughs in science and technology which will revolutionise the way human beings experience their time on earth. I’ll have more to say on this subject as events and circumstances unfold in time.