Mission Impossible

December 7, 2019 2 By Lance Kelly

Your mission, should you accept, is to penetrate the entity of self and undermine its position as the usurper of love and truth on earth. This is the hardest mission of all; for if the enemy is provoked and threatened, it will crucify you in one way or another.

Know your enemy. The self is the consummate trickster and skilled in the art of deception. It’s fooled humanity since the earliest of times and continues unabated today throughout western civilisation – the first global culture to be completely possessed by this alien parasite of self.

The self is a word that describes something fundamentally selfish in revolt to the good of the whole. It’s most recognisable as the worrier in the head that’s unable to stop thinking when anxious or troubled by a relationship or event. The self is the feeling of gloom and emotional discomfort in the pit of the stomach when depressed or fed up with life. Everyone is aware of the troublesome self, but few ever succeed in vanquishing the impostor. The majority of people have little time or inclination to look for any deeper meaning beyond the need for material security and the sensual experiences of modern living.

Be advised that you are entering an alien environment where nothing is as it appears. You will begin by being born into a physical body and assigned an earth mother and family. For some years you’ll be deep undercover with a veil of forgetfulness to help you blend in with those around you. When it’s time, you will be partially awakened to begin your mission in a more conscious state of awareness. Later, when able to contain the incoming spiritual power, the full purpose of your mission will be revealed to your intellect. The way will be not be easy since the projective drive of the self-driven world has a built in resistance to anyone courageous enough to dare to stand alone – as those who have gone before have discovered.

Recent intelligence suggests strange anomalies on the earth affecting the planetary consciousness; these, paradoxically, are making your mission possible at this point of human evolution. Dismantling the hold of the diabolical self is a mighty and honourable task. You’ve been selected for this mission as an agency of truth to attempt this on behalf of the greater good. You will make the journey alone – but be assured that help is at hand to point you in the right direction should you waver in your mission.

This post will be eradicated from the memory in five seconds.