No Problem

August 17, 2019 1 By Lance Kelly

Do you ever make a problem of your life? If so you will suffer, and by the way of things any inner disturbance or external conflict will intensify and take longer to resolve. Difficulties are unavoidable and beset all living creatures. But it’s only the human animal which makes a problem of the difficulties by interpreting events through the personal feelings of the self. This introduces an emotional element that the event or circumstance does not have.

As an example, someone sets off for an important meeting only to discover that their car won’t start. At the initial moment of perception it’s just a happening which is not creating any ripples of agitation. However, what follows determines the way things will subsequently unfold. And this can be applied to any situation or event. Should the person react emotionally and start worrying that they’ll miss the meeting, the situation will reflect back the mounting stress and frustration. By keeping out any emotional negativity, circumstances will work towards a speedier solution; someone unexpectedly offers a lift or the phone rings to say the meeting’s been rescheduled.

In the everyday life there’s always an opportunity to observe how often a problem is made of the little things. The more this is observed, it informs any old fears and insecurities that the solution always comes more swiftly if the emotional self is kept out of the picture. Difficulties must come; but by refusing to take any apparent setback as a sign of personal failure, the event is less likely to be taken out of context. In other words, make a problem of something and consciousness behind the scenes is compelled to adjust accordingly to create more problems; whereas by sticking to the facts and remaining unemotional, the absence of conflict enables harmony to be restored.

The creative impulse behind every action is towards establishing an inner state of union. However, people are prone to put a negative spin on a situation because they identify with the first psychological level of the mind, which is a band of pain surrounding the human psyche. The difficulty is the tremendous speed at which emotional feelings enter the mind and distort the intelligence that would otherwise be able to see clearly the facts of any situation. Unless someone is constantly vigilant, emotional force will immediately overwhelm the mind creating innumerable imagined scenarios, all of which are false and destructive. The idea is to be conscious in the senses a split second before the emotion can start to move and corrupt the mind with anxiety. In this way it’s possible to deal more effectively with whatever the situation requires.

As the practice of being more intelligently alert to the emotional force of self, the psychic blockages within the subconscious begin to be dissolved. This enables consciousness and awareness to function as a unity of spirit in matter. As I, the man or woman, surrender to the workings of a greater power than myself, I see there are no more problems in the life.