Nothing to Defend

March 31, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

There’s nothing to defend when life is lived as an authentic being of the earth. Then there’s no justification for anger, frustration or any other emotional negativity. It’s only when a part of existence becomes separate from the whole that it needs to be defended. At every level of human affairs, it’s fear of being vulnerable to life with all its uncertainties that attaches the person to what is known and, subsequently, what needs to be defended.

To defend something such as any ideology, religious belief or personal feeling involves taking a particular position to offset the resistance of outer forces. A castle, for example, is fortified to defend its position against any threat from an enemy. From an inner perspective, the mind adopts a position fortified by emotional pressure as a result of the self’s fixation to the experience of the past. This is the basis of attitude, which is a particular mindset in a person – and when provoked is forcefully released against those opposed to their point of view. The more ingrained the attitude, such as racism, the more reactionary and emotionally charged the outburst.

While there’s something to defend, there’s a wastage of precious energy which saps the vitality of the body. The being is the reality behind the physical form. When connected with this inner source of pure life there’s a relaxed countenance and a light around the eyes. Such an individual is good company and has the time to pause between actions for a true response to any situation. Stress and tension arise from a sense of incompleteness and the futile search to find something permanent in the world. The focus of the mind soon becomes attached to the world of movement and, in the absence of stillness, takes on the insane tempo of data and information transmitted day and night through the media.

People go to war in the name of peace, and those who campaign for peace often invoke violence as a reciprocal to the attitudes between opposing factions. This is not to suggest that some people are not passionately motivated to address any injustice and bring their cause to a wider audience. However, force at every level of existence creates counter force. Spiritual energy is the only real power in existence that works for the good of all. But this can only be invoked through self-sacrifice when there’s no emotional attachment to the result.

It’s said that the pure of heart is innocence personified, which is another way of saying there’s nothing to defend. At the spiritual octave, the man or woman goes out into the world as a bastion of truth – a state of vulnerability to the moment. Such a being responds to the challenges of living from a place of integrity that upholds the essence and dignity of life.