Notre Dammed

April 16, 2019 4 By Lance Kelly







Notre Dame is burning.
The world, it mourns and weeps
As centuries of priceless art
Fall as dust onto the streets.

As fire cleanses the sinner’s soul,
So in life comes the deathly blow
To destroy the monuments of man,
To rearrange his mindful plan
So that maybe he will understand
That no church or monastery
Is necessary to acknowledge Me,
The holy one behind the form
Who never dies
And is never born.

So do not mourn for Notre Dame
For it has served its purpose.
But notice please in its dying embers
The folly of men who must remember
The inquisition and depravity
Outside the scope and majesty
Of humanity’s virtue,
Now disguised as global empathy,
Or something in a similar vein,
On the wave of ignorance
Along the Seine.