Opinions and the Truth

June 13, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

Opinions are of the person and a product of the surface mind. Truth is impersonal and imbued with the permanent stamp of reality. Opinions change like the weather, whereas the truth never wavers as a statement of universal knowledge. A truth once perceived is the same now as in a thousand years. An opinion is a shallow perception of acquired knowing that dissolves as quickly as melting snow in the sun.

We are on the earth to communicate self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the virtue of the living experience, which is the most exalted truth in existence. The problem is that the world today is swamped by personal opinions that are subject to the caprice of fluctuating emotions. Opinionated people are reactionary beings prone to violent outbursts when a particular button is pressed. When truth is realised as a state of being, there is an intelligent pause to respond to the needs of a situation. This is recognised as originality and brilliance – the hallmark of self-knowledge and spiritual inspiration.

Words are unavoidably conditioned as formal expressions of the invisible realm. Right words retain the quality of the timeless inner profundity as a power of negation that eliminates time as past. Opinions gather time, which perpetuates a flood of useless information. Truth reduces the gap between the polarising forces of the world to a point of equilibrium, a place of stillness and blessed peace of mind. Then, whatever is perceived is communicated with a depth beyond the normal hackneyed opinions of the past.

Anyone who realises the truth at a particular level of the psyche will immediately recognise the genius of the realised consciousness in another since it comes from the same sublime Source. What distinguishes the enlightened state is that it functions in the immediacy of the present or now. No mind can keep pace with this creative power, which is why the person must eventually give up all opinions to discover the truth direct.