Overcoming Resistance

December 1, 2023 4 By Lance Kelly

Resistance is the residue of unresolved emotion. Over time this forms a band across the chest with tentacles which wrap around the neck and throat. Whenever an emotional feeling is generated, resistance rises up into the brain and dulls the perception of the simplicity of life. The brain is a product of the great ages of Mankind, the development of which stretches back to the first microbe and rudimentary forms of life. Contained within the brain are clusters of cells attuned to specific gradients of evolutionary time of life on earth. Various segments of these are now dormant since they are superseded by new cells in each new phase of human earth culture. From an evolutionary perspective, resistance is an effect of the epic undertaking of the spirit in the struggle to make life on earth conscious.

Resistance can make itself felt in many ways. Although inertia and sluggishness are recognisable symptoms, the energy can be so subtle that it takes a finer perception to identify its presence. There can be a resistance to performing an action through the mind’s insistence on taking something out of context and associated negative thoughts arising from a similar experience from the past. What helps break down resistance is to register any pressure or tightness in the chest and throat areas. The idea is to surround the band with the stillness of perception. The effect of this radiates that block of past time, which is the aspect of self being transformed through the power of love. When this is practised in earnest, a breakthrough can be made so that tasks previously considered tiresome become part of the creative wave of being alive.

One of the great causes of stress and anxiety of the times is attachment to the need to meet deadlines, often self-imposed. As people dash around trying to save time and get things finished, they inadvertently create resistance as an opposite polarity in the future. When the impulse to keep occupied is controlling the life, the person can feel energised; but inevitably exhaustion and ‘burn out’ take their toll, whether same day or later in the life when it’s time to retire. Some are panic stricken by the prospect of having time on their hands without any activity to occupy them in their waking hours. The subconscious fear that the world will disappear without the momentum to support it keeps people busy and unconscious of their actions.

In the world today, there is a perverse resistance to the truth in most of the population. This resistance disguises the fundamental conflict that began to manifest when human beings elected to impose their own nature on the natural order of things; human nature is simply a reaction to the harmony of life as an inner state of being. At the surface level of awareness, when someone can’t be bothered to do something or casually dismisses the need to be responsible for their actions, they are affirming a contempt for the virtue of life on earth.Everyone in the process of becoming more conscious has endeavoured to overcome the base instincts of stubbornness and defiance, which usually arise as a reaction to the pressure to do something against their own personal will. This wilfulness is the engine room of resistance which, in time, must yield to the power of Divine Will, the agency of truth that ultimately liberates the being from the confines of the past.

Extract from the e-book: ‘Living the Truth’ available from Amazon Kindle.