Passing Through

October 27, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

Everyone is in the process of passing through existence. Life as it’s lived in a physical body is a transitory period of gathering the experience necessary to give validity to the greater reality behind the form. What conceals the truth is the world which, like a tarpaulin draped over an opening to a source of light, obscures the picture as a limited reproduction of the wonder of life on earth. 

Everything that can be known and remembered, such as a password or scientific formula, is of the world. By sticking to the facts, the emotional element which would otherwise distort the clarity of perception is temporarily inactive. But inevitably emotional negativity seeps into other areas of the life, usually in the personal relationships or when someone’s path is crossed. Love, truth, death and God are not of the world, so are unknowable as any memorable impression of the past. What tends to happen is that people become identified with the effects of the experience of life. For example, they see a dead body and assume that is what will happen to them. Or they make a concept of God through someone else’s experience, such is the way when someone is inculcated with religious belief. Knowing how to function in the physical world is necessary to survive. But to discern the truth behind the sensory appearance, experience is transcended from an indirect to a direct experience of life. This negates the past as any impediment to the conscious perception of reality.

Instead of passing through existence without holding on to the past, people become waylaid by the impact of events and circumstances. They become distracted and, in extremes, obsessed by wanting to know why something didn’t turn out as expected. Rather than just doing what they do, human beings hold on to their experience; this freeze frames existence and chokes the stream of life. Nothing remains here in the material world for long since whatever manifests is subject to the forces of existence, which appear externally as the decomposition of matter. It’s undeniable that this is an alien world relative to our natural state of being since everybody dies. However, everything works reasonably well for its duration in sensory existence as long as there’s no build-up of past.

The world consists of past. Anything that can be known or described has already happened. The past creates a shadow on the light of consciousness, which is the reflected beam of the pristine idea of existence. This light passes through the brain and, similar to a prism, splits into gradations of light emissions which produce through the senses the glorious production of nature and the objective universe. Through the miracle of life, human beings are able to reflect on the mirror of inner space to reaffirm ‘I exist’ as an individual man or woman. But unless continually eliminated as any holding on to experience, existence becomes a living death. We are all passing through existence. To enjoy our time on earth it’s wise to stay alert and conscious in the senses. This way, there’s a sense of being ready at a moment’s notice when it’s time to go on, without anything to come back to at journey’s end.