Perceptions of Reality

January 9, 2024 0 By Lance Kelly


The spiritual vision is an ever-widening perception of reality. As a creative cell within the great body of humanity, we are each on an epic journey to realise the truth of existence. The truth of existence is a creative conundrum of two halves. From one perspective we are spiritual beings within the stationary side of the universe which never changes. On the motional side of sensory perception we exist as physical bodies in the ever-changing drama of life. These dual aspects of existence can be demonstrated when we pause in stillness amidst the action while everything around continues in time.

The integrity of life is preserved through the synchronicity of the inner and outer realms, which ensures that both aspects of existence are kept in perfect unison, consonant with the evolutionary needs of life anywhere in the cosmos. This is the mythic principle of yin and yang as symbolised by the Ouroboros, the dragon swallowing its tail. The spiritual task is to be conscious of the inner state while simultaneously being present in the senses in the outer world; without the alignment of these two hemispheres, there will inevitably be a limited perception of life.

Every experience of the living process produces an expanding vision of the truth of life. Whether someone is aware of this at a conscious level is irrelevant to the impersonal movement of life; but it can be demonstrated in everyone’s experience as changing attitudes with the passage of time. Although still a rarity as an uninterrupted state of being, there can be momentary openings which many people have experienced, especially in those close to physical death. The primary focus of the spiritual life is to realise the profound knowledge of immortality while alive in a physical body; everything else undertaken in the world fades into insignificance compared with this mighty task.

The stillness of the mind determines the speed of intelligence and depth of perception of reality. A restless mind is identified with continual thinking and unable to be still for long. Someone more conscious can pause to interrupt the mind’s momentum to perceive a deeper significance of the events and circumstances of life. As a man or woman perseveres with mastering the wandering habits of the mind, the intelligence speeds up and the reality of inner space is accentuated. At times there can be a sense of expansion or translucent shapes of vivid colour. Sounds can be audible and aromas sensed that have no earthly counterpart. There are many things that defy description, but are all part of the mystery beyond the limits of the mind’s understanding.

During the period of transition, from the lure of the mind’s frenetic activity through the levels of the psyche to the deathless state of the present, it will be necessary to bear the absence of experience. Until it’s time, people are protected from the almost unbearable emptiness of this state due to the attachment to the moving world of objects and form. The greatest truth every spiritual master has declared throughout history is that the highest spiritual realisation is nothing. When the conscious focus on nothing can be held for longer periods without the wavering of the mind, there’s a merging with the incoming current of reality within the purified space of the psyche. Space is the last layer of materiality to be transcended as a spiritual practice. Ultimately it’s possible to literally ‘look through’ the final objective screen of space and be amazed by the creative process before it takes form.

We live and have our being in space and, through grace, are able to realise aspects of this wondrous mystery, either while alive or at death. As the spiritual vision continues to widen there can be the perception, perhaps fleetingly at first but eventually as a more constant realisation, that the whole magnificent sensory world and cosmos is a psychic projection from a greater reality. The man or woman can then begin to fulfil their divine purpose to be a visionary source of inspiration as an enlightened being of the earth.

Extract from e-book: ‘The Spiritual Vision’ available from Amazon Kindle: (click on book tab).