Political Correctness

March 4, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly

th (34)Political correctness arises through an aberration within the human psyche of the sexual imperative between man and woman. The distinction of the male and female principles is divinely ordained as an aspect of the archetypal structure of humanity. This spiritual idea remains majestically pristine but the effects of this loveless existence and, in particular, the sexual possession of the human race is dire for the wellbeing of the planet. Political correctness is a compromise of the many through the pressure of minorities to conform to a way of behaviour consonant with a unisex society. The reducing gap between the male and female genders is part of the new global culture of asexuality and the avoidance of physical relationships for a virtual experience of love. This will be a gradual transition, but unavoidable due to the inevitable path of humanity towards artificial intelligence and creation of human robots.

The suffragettes began their campaign for women’s equality over a hundred years ago and eventually got the vote for which they’d so desperately fought. But it wasn’t about the vote. The movement was instigated by women in sheer indignation of their treatment by the bombastic and imperialistic males of the era. This was fuelled inwardly through the betrayal of love that stoked the fury of the female demon of hatred towards man, and in certain women was the impetus to sacrifice their lives. The political shadow of correctness accelerated with the women’s liberation movement in the sixties and seventies, in which women unwittingly demonstrated their confusion in love through competing with man in the male-dominated world.

Many women would argue that their position in society today is strengthened due to political correctness and the greater opportunity in the workplace to realise their ambitions. This may be so, but woman will always be perceived as a sex object in the world. The world of business, entertainment and the media is a male invention and built on the energy of sex. To compete with man, the female principle of love must project a male presence of force in order to be taken seriously in his world.

From the seventies onwards homosexuality became more accepted into the mainstream culture through the disco club scene and a plethora of gay celebrities coming out to declare their sexual orientation. Against this backdrop of growing tolerance and acceptance towards gay minorities, the majority of the population was being surreptitiously conditioned for future changes between the genders. Love, however it manifests, is the most beautiful thing. There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality as far as I’m concerned, but the consequences of a love that is unable to be naturally fructified through the penis and vagina can be gauged by the condition of the world at any time.

Political correctness is a consequence of a psychic imbalance between the male and female genders. The purpose of physical love between the genders is for man to realise his divine authority through his power to love woman. This authority, and true self-esteem, has been subverted as the impulse to control her through his greater physical strength and financial superiority (which he often uses as leverage to manipulate her through her emotional attachment to the children). Minority rule is common in most families when there is a disruptive influence, usually a child or elderly parent making demands on the household. As a rule, woman looks to her man and winces when he is unable, through his personal attachment and consideration of their feelings, to address them in straightness and honesty. The result is compromise in the personal life and permeates the echelons of society as political correctness.

At a global level, the political leaders of the West are terrified of upsetting the minorities because they, too, lack any real authority. When a man is in touch with his own integrity he is not politically correct. He is an individual and serves the principle of his inspiration – the female. Similarly woman, when she is loved and touched by the spirit of man, is in her natural place of love and beyond the manipulation and demands of the world.