Prove It

September 13, 2017 0 By Lance Kelly

It’s impossible to prove to the satisfaction of the mind anything that’s real. This is because the mind can only relate to forms of life which have externalised in the objective world.

The mind is an effect of time and, consequently, must reflect on the memory impressions of the past to reaffirm what it knows in the present. This works reasonably well in the everyday life in dealing with the practicalities of living. But when the mind looks for answers in the inner realm it objectifies the formless life into concepts and misleading theories which confuse and distort the simplicity of love and truth. It wants proof of something which is indefinable and has no tangible attributes that can be named. To the mind the truth behind existence is unknowable and appears as nothing.

The spiritual perspective is stillness, which is the absence of wanting to know. This is the direct knowledge of life intuited through the purity of inner space. Spiritual perspective is the three hundred and sixty degree perception of life without a positional bias to interrupt what is. Although unable to be proved in the objective sense, the spiritual perspective of an individual can be recognised through self-knowledge as the simplicity of original truth.