Question on the Search for Truth

June 16, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

Do you ‘think’ some are predestined to arrive where you have? What made you so determined to search for truth and endure everything it required? Is it only a few human beings that are ‘chosen’, that can stand the fire and they are predestined to do so? And if so, why are all the rest (of us) not inclined to do so? Who or what made the choice to become conscious in you?

Nothing is certain in the creative process. Everyone alive has the incipient knowledge of the immortal state, but the impulse to realise the truth as a conscious state of being is rare indeed. The individuals who do so are not special or ‘chosen’ but when nudged by the spirit to return home respond with an unswerving resolve and willingness to unite with the source of their inspiration.

Who can say with any certainty when it’s time for someone to make the final run home? It’s said that for the first half of his life, Paul helped crucify the Christians before his conversion on the road to Damascus. Was this predestined or the inevitable consequence of the opposing forces of existence determining divine revelation through the eradication of ignorance? In my own experience, I had extended as far out as was necessary in the world in the first half of my life to have activated the point of reality to signal the journey back. So when it is time, there is no choice – just a willingness to respond to the call of the spirit.

The truth is that there are no losers in this creation because all eventually unite with the Source at journey’s end. But there is a purpose to life on earth, which is to validate the inner reality through sensory experience. Eventually everyone is compelled, by the way of things, to make the divine connection while alive, and then to live that state of being as the truth in existence. But such is the resistance in the masses and attachment to the sensory world that for the majority of people the truth can wait. Consequently it will take an eternity of time for humanity to come to full conscious fruition.