Racial Discrimination

September 6, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly

Everything in existence is influenced by what’s been set in motion by the past. Our bodies consist of the produce of the earth consumed in the past and the absorption of innumerable trace elements inhaled through the air we breathe. Our skin’s continually being shed and renewed to protect the organism against pollution and damaging radiation from the sun. But inwardly we’re also subject to the effects of the past through a mainly imperceptible racial memory of everything that has ever lived. The term ‘racial’ in this instance refers to life as an undifferentiated mass of psychic energy: the residual living memory of the collective unconscious.

The brain is an instrument of divine brilliance, programmed with an inbuilt decoder that determines whether a particular life form is harmless or potentially dangerous. This operates in us today as a remnant of our animal ancestry that evolved primarily to ensure procreation with compatible species. It’s been observed that we Westerners perceive Orientals as looking pretty much the same – no doubt we look pretty much the same to them. The brain initially translates the external appearance of other cultures with little differentiation as to their individual characteristics. With the integration of the global society, this original evolutionary function is no longer an imperative but is still active at a deeply subconscious level of mind.

When people of a different race meet for the first time, there’s a minute interruption of the continuity of time as the brain adjusts to the cultural frequency of the other’s psychic state. When people of different cultures spend time together, become friends or establish relationships, the presence of love effortlessly restores the psychic space to original unity. In nature the species rarely interact with other classes of animals unless for a specific purpose. Instinctively, they give one another space to be what they are without having to intrude or cause any unnecessary stress. Usually in any cultural exchange there’s no problem; but what happens where there’s a propensity for racism is that emotion arises to reinforce the natural interval of cultural differentiation. A person who has developed a prejudice or attitude of racial hatred will react from a centre of ignorance.

Some people have a deep love for humanity. This often manifests as a genuine care and openness that embraces others without prejudice or judgement of their ethnic origins. Great modern visionaries such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela perceived the possibilities of racial harmony and were prepared to give their lives for equality and civil rights, as many others have done. But as wonderful and admirable as this can be, it’s not enough to make a lasting contribution that will sustain the love and spiritual innocence of tomorrow’s children. Real love, as an agency of divine order, is powerless in these times to effectively restore peace on earth. This is why, despite their contribution to restoring liberty and justice, the great reformers have ultimately failed to deliver the goods. The masses are too emotionally charged to come together under any collective banner of solidarity and goodwill, no matter how many peace rallies and proposals of peace. Whatever is achieved will be short-lived, and will kick off again in some other hotspot around the globe.

In modern times, racism has been most volatile and extreme in the struggle for equality and human rights in the black communities in America. But we don’t have look far to see that racism in all its ugliness and deprivation has been an ongoing travesty at every level of human progress. The struggle of the Jews, Hispanics and countless other races is a symptom of the global virus of discontent that is deeply embedded within the vast body of humanity. This is due to the pathological resistance inherent in matter to the harmony of life and good of the whole. As a consequence of human nature, everyone is potentially a racist when triggered by a situation that is emotionally provocative.

Our racial past, with which we’re all unconsciously connected, includes the drives and primal instincts of life at the most base and intensified level of experience. These pathological energies sometimes rise to the surface of the awareness when bridged through an emotional channel such as anger. A man or woman attached to the energy of anger can then release this psychic force through racial hatred and discrimination. But racism isn’t about the colour of another’s skin; it’s more deeply personal than that. Racial discrimination is a condition of ignorance that arises through being in revolt to God or the greater good.

The idea of racial harmony is, unfortunately, a dream as a global way of life in this epoch of human evolution. As a race we have extended as far out into time and progress as is possible. The only way is back, a journey we all make eventually when the physical body dies. However, it is possible for ordinary people like you and me to make a contribution while still in existence to eradicate at least a portion of the conflict within ourselves. For this it will be necessary to develop the speed of perception to neutralise any potential emotional negativity that could distort the cultural differentiation in the brain. In the first instance, this can only be done effectively by entering the body as a practice of meditation and stilling of the mind.

Preference is a state of consciousness that is the intelligent pause before an action is taken. It is every human being’s sacred right to exercise preference in any given situation. This conscious action eliminates personal choice and prejudice, and is the practical solution to racial discrimination on earth.