Ready or Not

June 11, 2022 1 By Lance Kelly

Someone is either ready or not to be responsible for life and love on earth. When ready, there is an insatiable hunger for the truth – but with a difference to the more common symptoms that accompany a spiritual awakening. When a man or woman passes into a new phase of life, having turned the focus of attention inwards, there is still no guarantee that they are ready to surrender all to the unknown. In other words, there is still doubt and resistance which is the ignorance of the unresolved aspects of past unconscious living. As the inflow of spirit endeavours to draw the intelligence deeper towards the source of existence, the world applies the pressure to keep the person attached to their own wants and concepts of the purpose of life.

Behind the appearance of the sensory world is a system of profound intelligence that is symbolised by the cosmic appearance of the stars and constellations. Each of us is a star in the making; some are poised to be actively realised, while others exist as potential lights within the matrix of the eternal mind. When someone has realised a level of self-knowledge able to sustain the psychological and emotional pressure of the times, they activate their enlightenment point deep within the brain. When this reality point reaches a specific degree of illumination it begins to become visible in the manifested universe. At this stage the man or woman gravitates in the physical world to a realised consciousness, usually a spiritual teacher or master, to prepare for an influx of transcendental knowledge beyond the senses which purifies the remaining attachment to the sensory appearance of the world.

Anyone receptive to what is written here is ready to be their own star, realised in the flesh and drama of this living life. This is because, as a consequence of all the apparent conflicts and suffering of the ages, there is now a power of spirit accessible to more people than ever before. The power of spirit eliminates in the briefest of intervals the whole of creation, which is renewed in the next frame and the next and the next. For someone who is ready, the immediacy of each new moment becomes as refreshing as rain is to a parched desert; their life then begins to unfold with a similar quality of timeless wonder.

This next phase of human culture will introduce a radical shift of perception. Inner space will be transcended as any intermediary level of existence, as will consciousness as any reflected source of intelligence. What appears in external space will provide a pure reflection of reality without thought, feeling or interpretation by the mind. This remarkable state is the new life on earth waiting to be discovered now. All that’s necessary is to look inside and ask: Am I ready or not?