Real Love

September 2, 2020 2 By Lance Kelly

Real love is an impersonal power that destroys the concepts of love, which are interpretations of the radiant idea itself. It’s impossible to teach another of love. This is because love is an original state of being and always accessible as direct knowledge when in touch with the innocence and simplicity of life. When love is invoked and becomes the passion of living, all that eventually remains is a body purified of the corruption in matter.

The difficulty is that our bodies have become hardened by the compacted layers of human experience, represented through the ages of immemorial past. The task of love in these times is to journey back through the attachment to sexual excitement and emotional pain to re-unite with the formless divinity behind the body. But the personal demands and commitment required to serve a higher love, often over many years, makes this rare indeed. Nevertheless everyone alive contributes in some way to the rectification of ignorance of love’s purpose through being born and living out their ordinary lives.

Nothing is more confrontational and spiritually productive than being in a love partnership. This is because the power of attraction that brought two people together contains energetically the future circumstances to bring both to a deeper realisation of love. The often extreme challenges and difficulties encountered are love’s way of making each more honest to the purpose of being in relationship. When someone has suffered enough from the hurts and disappointments of past sexual experiences, they are in the necessary process of unlearning just about everything concerning love in existence.

Sometimes in making physical love, something happens out of the ordinary, even for people who are not necessarily spiritually inclined to make love more conscious. They reach or touch upon an exalted place of supreme beauty. This is registered as an extraordinarily potent quality of accentuated pleasure and divine wonder. This is the tantric power of union between the male and female principles. It happens to awaken, if possible, the idea of pure sensuality which is the inherent power of love within everybody on earth. When two people in partnership are willing to go all the way for love, the integrity of this divine state of being inspires them both to enter more deeply this sacred space of reality.

A man’s authority is determined by his power to love woman and contain her essential beauty in lovemaking. When he has sufficiently transformed his sexual wanting he undergoes a fundamental change in consciousness. This enables him to remain more present in the sexual act. The word ‘authority’ derives from ‘author’, which means to originate or give existence to something. Further back in time, the Greek word for authority was ‘authentikos’, meaning a principle of incontrovertible properties. When a man is in harmony with his noble nature, he ‘authorises’ love to enter existence in sheer devotion to ‘She’ the beloved through his union with the Divine Will. This gives man his true authority as the active principle in the world.

The passive nature of the female principle is the stillness and grace of impersonal love. The female principle is concealed behind the appearance of every physical woman’s body on earth. ‘She’, the impersonal Goddess all men in existence desire more than anything (unconscious though this may be), can only enter existence through his nobility of action – to love selflessly in the physical act of lovemaking through taking nothing for himself. It’s this alone which gives man the authority to bring woman closer to God and for both to be raised in consciousness of love and truth.

The merging of the active and passive poles of existence is the tantric dimension of life. This has a reciprocal exchange in divesting the emotional element that attaches lovers to sentiment and the considerations of personal feelings – which are the death of love. As the de-personalising process to the form intensifies, the reflection of each other’s divine character is gradually realised within the flesh. Through grace the light of the Lord, the character of the most high in existence, radiates through the psyche of the opposite principle in the realisation of God as love.