Real Love

April 28, 2023 6 By Lance Kelly

Real love is an impersonal power that transcends the concepts of love, which are interpretations of the supernal idea itself. It’s impossible to teach another of love. This is because love is the original state of being and always accessible as direct experience when in touch with the innocence and simplicity of life. When love is invoked and becomes the passion of living, all that eventually remains is a body purified of the corruption in matter.

Nothing is more confrontational and spiritually productive than being in a love partnership. This is because the power of attraction that brought two people together contains energetically the future circumstances to bring both to a deeper realisation of love. The often extreme challenges and difficulties encountered are love’s way of making each more honest to the privilege of being together in a relationship. When someone has suffered enough from the hurts and disappointments of past sexual experiences, they are in the necessary process of unlearning just about everything concerning love in existence.

Sometimes in making physical love, something happens out of the ordinary, even for people who are not necessarily spiritually inclined to make love more conscious. They reach or touch upon an exalted place of supreme beauty. This is registered as an extraordinarily potent quality of accentuated pleasure. This is the tantric power of union between the male and female principles. It happens to awaken, if possible, the idea of pure sensuality which is the inherent power of love within everybody on earth. When two people in partnership are willing to go all the way for love, the integrity of this divine state of being inspires them both to enter more deeply this sacred place of worship.

A man’s real authority is determined by his power to love woman and contain her sensual magnificence in lovemaking. Only ‘She’, the formless love behind the appearance of the billions of physical women’s bodies, on earth can bestow the accolade that radically changes his perception of love in existence. When a man has truly served woman, both in his endeavour to love her physically and in his worldly role, he undergoes a fundamental change in consciousness. This enables him to remain more present in the sexual act and to contain the beauty within the stillness of the exchange.

The female principle waits behind the veil of existence (forever if necessary) for the virtue of man to be worthy to unite with her spiritual essence. The presence of the male principle purified of the taint of self enables ‘She’ to enter existence to realise her eternal opposite in the flesh. The union is registered as rapture and a sense of completion. Perhaps the most extraordinary realisation in this intensified space of purity is that it is love itself which makes the love, the sensory bodies of man or woman simply being the means through which the wonder of life is made more conscious on earth.