March 16, 2019 2 By Lance Kelly

We can’t be sure of anything in this world except for two things: everybody suffers as a consequence of being born and everybody dies. And that’s enough for intelligence to work in to get back to the truth or beginning of life before conception. Every spiritual teaching that speaks of truth in a realistic way endeavours to turn the attention inwards towards the source of life. The closest thing to reality is the physical body. This is universal, which means it applies to everyone. Nothing happens where the body is not present.

Reality, by its very definition, is unalterable and something which never changes. Since everything in existence is subject to change and erosion, there’s no reality in the objective world and universe. The difficulty is that, individually and collectively as a global society, people live mostly identified with the outer sensory projection. The objective world appears so convincing and hypnotically alluring that few people ever question its reality. In truth, the reality of us all is far more enduring than our transitory lifespan on earth. Human beings are not just persons with a name or occupation, but universal life imbued with the consciousness of our sublime cosmic origins.

Reality is the stationary side of existence, where nothing ever happens and all is supremely at peace. But this is an entirely subjective state and can only be realised by ‘I’ the individual who dares to stand alone, not in defiance but in humility to the divine source of inspiration. To try to convince another of something which cannot be proved to the satisfaction of the rational mind is futile, and missing the point anyway. Everything has a right to exist and serves some purpose – even ignorance. Without the conflict of stress and anxiety, the truth seeker would be unable to discern the false and so discard the outdated and misguided concepts in the process of the dissolution of self.

Somehow, in the face of almost overriding force, the man or woman must encompass both the realised state of consciousness within and the unrealised condition of awareness, which is subject to the constant flux and changes in the world. These two hemispheres, the inner and the outer, combine as the total living experience of life on earth.