January 8, 2019 2 By Lance Kelly

Schizophrenia is a psychic phenomenon which has afflicted the human race in one form or another since the dawning of time. There are different degrees of schizophrenia, the symptoms of which often manifest in young people. As a spiritual teacher, my work has brought me into contact with many individuals with schizophrenia in addition to having passed through some of the effects in my own experience. In this article I’ll endeavour to throw some light on the subject as it may be helpful to those who come into contact with schizophrenics or are afflicted by this distressing symptom of the human condition.

For someone whose schizophrenic state is an intrinsic part of their perception of reality, there can be no overt signs (to them) of anything unusual. It’s only apparent to others who perceive anomalies in their behaviour and possibly an eccentric way of life. The schizophrenic perception can superimpose one sequence of existence upon another simultaneously and at dimensions of reality beyond human awareness. The transmission from the unconscious permeates part of the brain normally insulated from exposure to this pure stream of life. When provoked by the forces which pervade the psychic realm, the personality will multiply into discrete entities to compensate for the overt pressure on the emotional body. The overall effect at a specific level of psychic intensity is to magnify the paranoia and sense of isolation in the person, who is often a virtual slave to the inrush of the abstract forces.

In the spiritual process at a particular level of self-realisation, there’s a splitting between the rational and psychic structure of mind. This happens as a consequence of the harnessing of vital energy normally dissipated through the deadening materialistic thought process and other emotional outlets of robotic living. This transitory schizophrenic condition begins as a hairline fracture across the perimeter of hardened matter which surrounds the nucleus of the brain. As the spiritual energy comes forward into the sensory awareness, the split widens to become an aperture of purified space. This enables the potency of reality to enter the subconscious as a direct power line from the source of creation. The mystic or truth seeker must somehow walk, for a long time, a fine line between madness and containment of the spiritual energy.

The difficulty is in addressing the condition directly rather than treating some of the effects. What is psychic defies the rationality of the mind and is a complete reversal to the world of cause and effect. However, medication and specialised clinics are, for most schizophrenics, the only option to maintain some semblance of normalcy in the life. In any case, there’s nothing that can be done as a mass solution because the proliferation of those with mental health issues is being accelerated daily through the modern scourge of reactivated energy: electro-magnetic pollution. The split, which is essential to the mind’s perception of reality, has now become a crack in the mirror of existence, which now reflects back the confusion and injustice of the world to those most vulnerable.

The power of love is the only real solution to the chronic build-up of negativity within the human psyche. Although the outer condition of the schizophrenic may not appear to change, the love and devotion of those who serve them reaches them in a place beyond the condition. It is this resource of spirit that enables, even the most afflicted, to somehow get through in the great struggle of existence.