Sex: The Cosmic Connection

December 14, 2019 0 By Lance Kelly

Sex at its point of origin is not an energy but the power and glory of original cosmic space. Only through the sexual exchange between man and woman can this purity of spirit enter existence at the octave of timeless profundity. Each of us has the potential to be this exalted state of being when love as an agency of the Divine is made real within the body.

Love is a conscious state of being. To retain its restorative power for longer periods, both partners need to be fully present when making love. The bodies know how to make beautiful love; but, so often, the virtue of lovemaking is depleted through being psychologically absent during the act itself. For example when one partner closes the eyes in a self-induced trance, the other usually does the same so as not to feel excluded. Both then enjoy the experience of being in each other’s bodies while absorbed in a fantasy world of their own. Love made unconsciously sets in motion the inevitable downside of emotional negativity which follows, either in an hour, day or next week. In a woman the most common symptom is self-doubt as a reaction to the knowledge of not being truly loved; and in a man, as restlessness and the need to be continually active.

Physical love is assumed to have a beginning and an end, but the pure sexual exchange embodies a cosmic connection with universal life. In having no beginning or end, it serves the purpose of creation (as no other action can) to bring more love and light into the world. The rarely perceived purpose of love is to purify the inner space within the body. Love has the power to cleanse the past and restore the time waves of emotional force back to the timeless state of being. Original space has been degraded in the progression of time from its pure essence of consciousness. Once, the communication between human beings was instantaneous, without need for words to cross the distance that now separates one form of life from another.

The build-up of humanity’s psychic past has divided the unity of the psyche into two distinct realms: the subconscious and unconscious. The subconscious realm begins as sensory awareness and, using the physical model of the universe, extends from the earth to encompass the orbit of the moon. The subconscious contains everything that can be known and described in conceptual terms. The vast majority of human beings gravitate after death to survive in this band of the psyche. Beyond the orbit of the moon is the intermediate level between the psyche and the spirit. This realm is commonly referred to as the unconscious, which is impenetrable to human perception until self-reflection is transcended as the direct knowledge of reality. In the great myth of life it is said that those who attain the gnosis as the pinnacle of self-knowledge while alive gravitate to this more profound level of mind, no longer attached to the affairs of sensory existence.

The unconscious, although unknowable to the mind, has two fundamental drives with which we’re all familiar in our own experience; namely the energies of sex and death. At the level of the unconscious, unrestricted by formality of time and space, sex functions as an aspect of God radiating as shimmering ethereal beauty. Entering the denser levels of the psyche, the pure sexuality (synonymous with love) becomes constricted and further distorted when confined to the sensory space of the body. The effect on the person manifests in ways which create all the anomalies and negative conditions which afflict the human race.

Love is unique to the earth and the medium through which humanity gives back its planetary essence in service to the evolutionary needs of the cosmos. However, the potency of love made on earth is normally so lacking in reality that it’s only in the after-death process of purification that the virtue of the living experience can be disseminated at a universal frequency of cosmic consciousness. The sex of the world is a one-sided affair, reliant on the emotional fixation of the self on the pleasure and pain of its own making. Pure sexuality is both sides of existence as a body of awareness merged with the consciousness of love. This process of creation and de-creation operates simultaneously as the tantric power of Divine Being.

Just as the heart beats with the rhythm of life, so does the cosmic pulse radiate the essence of the earth’s spiritual principle within each life form as the glorious sexual desire to unite with love in the flesh.

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