So Close and yet Apart

February 17, 2023 2 By Lance Kelly


The earth is populated by billions of people who are so close and yet apart. Some people live for years in their homes without ever having spoken to the neighbour next door. Everyone needs acknowledgement, even if it’s just to exchange a greeting in the moment.

In close relationships, people are often separated by an invisible barrier of fear – the fear to be vulnerable to love. Love endures when made conscious through serving the higher octave of impersonal love which operates as the spiritual power within the being. Human love is a degraded version, consisting mostly of sentiment and personal attachment to the formal appearance of the body. Intimacy at the spiritual octave is a unity of shared purpose between partners who live an uncompromising life of love.

Science is so close to eliminating the minute gap in time from original unity in its Big Bang theory – and yet remains tantalisingly apart from the truth. Science, as a materialistic exploration of matter, will never succeed in this ultimate disappearing act of the projected sensory universe. Not because of the dedication of individuals at the zenith of the scientific consciousness, but due to the psychological impact that such revelatory knowledge has upon their psyche. It’s almost certain that individual scientists have glimpsed, and entered, the pre-big bang state of timeless being – only then to have to refute their findings in the face of the great body of scientific academia. Or possibly, unable to contain their inner realisation have gone insane in the impossible task of having to prove the indefinable reality to the minds of their fellow scientists.

Our true individuality has been stifled by the constraints of the mores of western society. Just about anything is tolerated in the name of free speech – but not when anyone dares to demonstrate, by their words and actions, the root cause of perennial discontent. Each of us is so close to God or the reality of life, and yet the conscious connection that eliminates all doubt and insecurity remains so far. That is, until the falsehood that obscures the light of the spirit to radiate its truth in the world is removed.

The illusion which separates people from the full potency of their inner being is the belief that it takes time to reach the higher realms of consciousness. This timely problem persists through the notion foisted by religions and spiritual teachings of a path or progression, such as the journey of the dark night of the soul. The time element cannot be eliminated while there is belief or any holding onto anything that can be remembered, quoted or experienced. The timeless state is every new moment without thought or movement of the mind. When the sensory perception of time is transcended, all that remains is the continual elimination of the last moment while existence is renewed now as this eternal moment of reality.