Spiritual Erosion

March 17, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly


As someone becomes more spiritually alive through being disabused of their former ignorance, they are invoking the spirit to enter their body more profoundly. The emotional entity of self counters this intrusion into its space by deploying underhand and disruptive tactics to undermine the resolve of the man or woman. As the spirit permeates the subconscious realm, the walls of the emotional body start to be eroded, registered inwardly as dying to the pain of existence.

Spiritual erosion is a process of attrition not dissimilar to the pounding waves of the ocean upon the land masses. Everything created in time eventually yields to the timeless wave to return to its origin within. The natural erosion of the life forms and objects in the physical world (which would otherwise clutter the surface of the earth) allows the purity of life to flourish anew. The exception to the rule are human beings who cling to the past by refusing to let go of their experience which lives through them as their historical self. Unless the past is continually released, the life form will exist as a freak of nature. This is what has happened to the human race, and why the world is the greatest freak show on earth.

There are specific levels of erosion. The first level shaves off the surface layer of self, which is relatively painless because this part of the self has already been primed for transformation by the natural process of the living life. As a consequence, when someone’s life radically changes such as happens with a spiritual awakening, the virtue of the living experience since birth arises to conscious awareness as a wave of inspirational energy. Infused within this energy are the future events and circumstances that will externalise as the next phase of life. The next stage unfolds when the psychic force of self comes forward in an attempt to seize back the ground lost from the first wave of erosion. This appears as difficult circumstances and the resurfacing of situations which previously may have created fear or self-doubt. But now, with a greater resolve in the individual to persevere, the spiritual erosion continues to expose another chink in the armour of self.

From here on the spiritual erosion intensifies. Just as in dental surgery when the drill bores further into a cavity, the pain increases, particularly when a sensitive nerve is set off. The process can seem repetitive with little progress apparently made as the person often reels from one blow after another. The body becomes wearied, and headaches, skin rashes and fatigue are common symptoms during this part of the process. At a particular point, perhaps six months or a couple of years on, there’s something of a breakthrough, mirrored externally by changing events. There is usually a sense of having come through a major phase, accompanied by the opportunity to move to a new location or perhaps begin a new relationship.

As the spirit permeates the most protected enclave of self, the erosion process becomes finer. The parts of the self still resistant to the truth are now subjected to the full glare of the light of the spirit. To invoke this it will be necessary for the total surrender to the unknown power which has brought the individual to this monumental point in their life. The erosion has been the reducing of time which, as the past, is compelled to roll on indefinitely as endless karma for the masses. The immortal state is realised with the ultimate surrender of self. The man or woman is then free in existence but  must carry on regardless towards what has been revealed as the final phase of erosion: to be liberated from existence and the need to be anything at all.