Stuck in a Spiritual Rut

October 13, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

‘Stuck in a rut’ is a term used when someone is in a settled or established routine which is devoid of creative fulfilment. From the spiritual perspective, this often happens when there is a levelling off in the process of self-discovery whereby someone feels unable or unwilling to confront aspects of their life that have become repetitive and spiritually unproductive. There is usually the knowledge of what course of action would break the deadlock, but a lack of resolve and resilience to detach from the old way of life. Another common sign of being stuck in a rut is when the person becomes complacent in what they may have realised in their spiritual life and attached to what they know. This creates a position of mind which hampers the ongoing spiritual process.

The spiritual rut is a psychic groove of inertia that encircles the perimeter of mind which, in turn, distorts the incoming transmission of spiritual power. As the spirit enters existence, the effect is not unlike a record being played with the stylus skipping over grooves that it would typically glide through. As a consequence, the point of creation continually gets stuck in the groove, and the man or woman feels disconnected from their total resource of vitality and spiritual creativity. To compensate, the impulse from the emotional self becomes cannibalistic in nature. The focus of mind, instead of being in communion with the incoming spirit, is directed into the memory to resurrect feelings from the past. This feeds the appetite for experience to offset the absence of fulfilment in the present circumstances.

Whenever people say they don’t know what to do, or are bored stiff with their lives, it means that they have, in effect, left the reality of their bodies and exist in the aura of mental space outside the form. When in touch with the palpable sense of aliveness (which is the continuous sensation within the flesh) there is no build-up of past, which is original time corrupted by emotional negativity. To break the deadlock requires an inner surge of timeless energy. This timeless energy is the power of Will. Will power is synonymous with the profundity of time in its original state of being. Within each man and woman is a power line, or unique time signature, which resonates with the original moment of eternity. It’s this radiant connection with reality that makes it possible to live our lives here on the earth, without which it would be impossible to carry on. To die to existence as a conscious practice is to participate with the harmony of creation; this naturally aligns the focus of mind with the power of Will.

Just as the world perpetuates its own existence through the force within matter, so creation perpetuates its own creation through the power of spirit in matter. For a long while I, the intelligent point of pure perception, must go against the full onslaught of the waves of creation. Gradually, I pass through the levels of the psyche where, before, I could go no further. But it’s to persevere and to unite with the place before creation stirs or moves. This is the level of self-realisation where the idea of existence is conceived and is held in majestic poise through the indomitable power of Will. This is the original womb of creation – forever pregnant with the idea of life and all that can be cherished on earth.