The Art of Humanity

June 20, 2017 0 By Lance Kelly

Many people feel they’re not being truly fulfilled in their lives. Although there can be a sense of something uniquely creative, fear and emotional limitations crimp the artistic flow and impose restrictions on much of the living life. Thus can people rarely be what they truly are.

Art and self-expression are outlets in which we can embrace something that’s an aspect of the pleasure and freedom of our original nature; it’s the same with anything that gives delight and fulfilment. But the endeavour to replicate love in the world through the artistry and genius of gifted individuals is doomed to end in frustration and despair; which is why artists and performers often live such intense and dramatic lives. The most powerful desire of every artist is to merge with the source of art that emanates from their very being. The true artist touches the muse or divine fragrance of their inspiration, but cannot hold it and fashion its mystery at will. The seed of destruction has, of course, its own divine solution.

Each individual is a gathering star, evolving in time to become a self-sustaining power or aperture to the eternal. The universe is a cosmic canvas on an immense scale which symbolises the potential of humanity to replicate in life the supernal light of consciousness, the reality behind the form. As an art student I was fascinated by the effects of light that could be achieved to bring a painting to life. I used to marvel at the works of Rembrandt, Leonardo or Caravaggio, who created their masterpieces with a technique of chiaroscuro, the art of light and shade. We human beings are a living art form of light and shade.

Any true artist knows that, when inspired, they’re aglow with the creative spirit and compelled to manifest their artistry. At its pinnacle, the artist and the art combine as life made conscious in the flesh. Being an artist is a unique privilege to create something of value to edify the consciousness of the people. But we’re not all able to express our art in a way that would be recognised by the world at large. So what is the art that is universal and available to us all?

The art of humanity is to be grateful for the miracle of being in a sensory body that is able to perceive the living magnificence and beauty of the earth. This is love, a complete inner and outer harmony of elegance and originality. The means to unite with love’s mystery is to be vulnerable to the creative process itself and live in its uncertainty at the edge of existence. Love in its wisdom determines the way this will be done.