The Broken Heart

December 3, 2018 4 By Lance Kelly

Love is the solution to all the misery and injustice inflicted upon the earth; but it’s not necessarily the kind of love that we human beings embrace as a way of life. This is because love has a mystical purpose which is an aspect of cosmic consciousness. Man and woman represent the highest potential of all the species to realise love as a conscious state of being. Love is the finest intelligence that ranges from the personal to the impersonal.

Personal love is the realm of normal relationships, which are based mostly on sentiment and emotional attachment to another. Eventually, personal love has to be transcended for the simplicity of divine or impersonal love to be realised. The catalyst in every case to a deeper realisation of love is emotional pain and the detachment from the personal element in love. The greater the love in existence of anyone or anything, the more intense the pain and suffering. But within this apparent paradox is love’s solution and release from the restrictions and tyranny of personal love. Love’s solution is to break the heart of every lover that ever dared to love. This can happen as a result of a particular event or as a more gradual process over time.

Around the region of the heart is an emotional band consisting of all the negative experiences of the past in love. This can sometimes be registered as a dull ache, which makes someone feel disconnected from love. In extremes, the effect of this calloused pain makes an individual cut off from love altogether. In most cases lovers’ hearts are broken, only to be repaired and for the experience to be repeated with a different partner. To permanently remove the psychic dam that blocks the stream of pure love from within, the pain has to be consciously faced in the knowledge of what is no longer tolerable or acceptable as a way of love. Although feelings may linger in the transitionary period, there must be no self-judgement as this will perpetuate the agony. It’s the knowledge of love’s purpose which takes an individual beyond the personal attachments into the impersonal realm of love.

Within everybody is the divine light of love. For a man this is the most beautiful female, and for woman the most magnificent man. Each physical lover represents an aspect of the formless unknowable divinity behind the body. When someone is attracted to another, there is the recognition in the presence of that person which resonates with the formless love within. The physical body is really a vehicle of love which, in the absence of personal choice, would naturally draw to itself the perfect mate. Pure attraction is not reliant on the normal feelings that usually arise by the appearance of physical beauty. Although there can be sexual desire, pure attraction is distinguished by the absence of choice and the knowledge of the rightness of the union.

When the divine union is made, love flows unimpeded throughout the body. This source of love creates a constant sense of wellbeing and freedom so that the individual need never undergo prolonged emotional suffering again.

Extract from forthcoming e-book: ‘ Making Love Real’