The Centre of the Universe

December 11, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

The centre of the universe is wherever I arise in matter. This enables everybody to create their own unique world each moment through the miracle of sensory perception. Wherever there is matter there is intelligence, the task of which is to become ever more intelligent. This happens through the erosion of time as past in the rectification of the ignorance of our eternal origins. There is no centre of the objective universe that science pursues in its Big Bang theory; this is because in truth there’s no ‘out there.’ What we perceive is purely a reflected world of sense that exists to give validity to a more enduring reality behind the appearance in form. To appreciate such a proposition necessitates a departure from the known.

The physical world as a mirror of reality parallels, to a degree, the structure of higher mind. But when the focus is projected exclusively onto the material effects of existence while disregarding the inner source of intelligence, the result is the enormously complicated way of life devised by human beings. Original freedom is to be able to enter existence as I and withdraw at will from the surface world of the senses.  I, the observer, am only limited in the range of my own supernal knowledge by what I identify with as my reality. As someone becomes more conscious of their interior world, a separation occurs between an emotional perception of life and the clarity of the abstract realm within the body. This induces an upsurge of pure knowledge from the unconscious, whereby the perception is now simultaneously in two apparently different places.

Whilst the sensory awareness continues to function autonomously, the spiritually attuned focus is able to appreciate a more subtle reality of the purified inner space. When the realisation of the profundity of space reaches a certain depth within the psyche, I, the reflective function of intelligence, disappear and what remains is the purity of life (space purified of past) before it takes shape. However, while embodied on earth I will always be present in sense in order to function in the world where I appear as the many in the myriad forms of life. I in each body am the centre of the universe, since everything that can be or has ever been is contained within the being behind the form.