The Cost of Living

June 25, 2022 2 By Lance Kelly


From the spiritual perspective, the cost of living is the time spent in existence; from the worldly perspective, the cost of living is measured in money. This observation of life is sometimes voiced in the workplace, usually by the boss rallying the workers by the old adage ‘time is money’. And yet there’s a deeper truth of how the economic waves of the world are governed which applies to the money brokers, banks and institutions, as well as to lives of individual men and women. In our western culture the value of money is upheld as a god in existence. This is not surprising since money can buy almost anything that has manifested in sensory form. And yet Mammon, the god of wealth, must take its place in the living life. But until transformed, it remains an almost overwhelming power to control the movement of matter for personal gain and dominance over others.

Within every woman is the fear of being bought by coin or gold. This emotional condition is lodged deep in her subconscious and has its roots in the impersonal psyche of humanity. In human history, woman has had to endure unspeakable suffering from the hands of man who sought to buy her favours for sexual satisfaction. Woman, for her part, has often used her beauty and powers of seduction for financial security and to elevate her position in society. In man, there is an emotional level that he must pass through, which is to have power over another so as to enslave them to his every whim or desire. This is the sexual force that torments him and fuels his ambition, competitiveness and ultimately possesses his body and mind. Sex is the manipulation of matter, and money is its slave until transformed by the power of love. Money and its suggestion of boundless wealth disguises the price to be paid – namely the selling of the virtue of a man or woman to the highest bidder.

What is happening in the world is the increasing distance between the privileged classes and those on the poverty lines who are being left behind to fend for themselves. This is an inevitable division that is happening at every level of our sensory existence. As the climate changes and the balance of nature adjusts accordingly, so human nature follows a similar trajectory. Strange anomalies within our fabric of society will be magnified in the near future such as the elimination of the distinction between the genders and a more sterile and virtual experience of life on earth. The psychic frequency behind the appearance of the form will alter in response to the dominant senses of sound and vision in exclusion of the other sensory responses to life. This will assist a more immersive experience in a virtual reality that will supersede what we experience today in our everyday lives. A scientific breakthrough is imminent and will revolutionise life on earth. A new energy resource will be discovered that is capable of creating a new Eden for those able to afford the technological wonders of the age.

For the individual who has discovered a deeper love and truth within themselves, whatever happens externally becomes increasingly irrelevant. Such a man or woman pays willingly each moment for the privilege of being in a body and acknowledges with gratitude the role they are playing within the grand scheme of existence. By being true to life, the cost of living in this world is somehow always covered. Life in its infinite compassion cares for all things, even unto death when the physical form can no longer be supported from within. For the greatest secret of all is that there is no death. To realise this while alive is the ultimate self-knowledge. The true cost of living in this world is the sacrifice of the personal self and contributes to the welfare of humanity as no other transaction can.