The Crossover

February 24, 2023 2 By Lance Kelly

In what is usually a protracted period in the spiritual process, there is a crossover whereby someone is sometimes fully grounded in the consciousness of being and at other times in the normal self-reflective mode of living. This can be disconcerting, particularly when the practice of being conscious can be held for longer periods. But by the way of things this crossing from the inner to outer perception is a necessary procedure that prepares the man or woman for the realisation of the uninterrupted states of higher mind.

What is happening is that the inner space of the body consciousness is adjusting in frequency to the influx of a higher octane of pyscho/spiritual power. It’s not unlike a safety valve being opened to allow more fuel to enter an engine and thus increase its performance. Too much fuel too soon and the engine would be flooded and would stall. But by the gradual introduction of the new energy source, a balance can be maintained. When the mind is still and attentive with the focus inwardly directed, the psychic integration of the body responds by operating at a reduced level of force. The emotional self then releases its grip on the surface perimeter of the abstract shape of the body. The compensation of energy saved on being outwardly projected by the senses neutralises the emotional current as purified space. This is registered as a clarity of mind and deeper connection with the finer energies of the psyche.

Everything in reality is a complete reversal of the cause and effect world of sensory perception. For example, the reality of what is seen externally as the scene in front of the awareness is being created behind the observing intelligence. And what is behind appears externally to affirm in sense the abstract value of life. The miracle of it all is made possible through the mirror effect of existence. We exist primarily as mirror beings reflecting the truth of life in accordance to the state of evolved consciousness of the inner being. However since consciousness cannot really be said to evolve (as it functions as a unity of will and idea retained in the eternal mind) each of us is at a point of being made more conscious of our former ignorance of life.

Retaining the right balance between the inner realm of the psyche and material world of movement is an enormous undertaking. The psychic forces become increasingly belligerent the deeper the penetration into the core of self. This is why the crossover is an essential part of the overall spiritual process. It’s not dissimilar to how mountaineers and explorers adjust to higher altitudes. To enter the higher ground without first gradually becoming acclimatised to the new environment would be fatal. So it is with the ascent into the rarefied space of the spirit.