The Death Breath  

August 15, 2020 5 By Lance Kelly

The death breath is a cosmic pulse from which our regular breathing patterns externalise in sense. It’s the abstract side of the breath of life, the breathing principle which is forever present beneath the surface awareness. The death breath operates autonomously and when made conscious enables a deepening participation, and for longer periods, with the original state of being. The Hindu religion refers to this breath as Prana, the vital principle of life that permeates all levels of existence.

Breathing is mostly unconscious and only discerned when impaired in some way. For someone spiritually inclined, the breathing apparatus is a valuable source of self-knowledge. The idea is to become accustomed to the breath through self-observation, which assists a deepening connection with the inner space of the body. The lungs and oxygenating of the blood vessels, unless free-flowing, reduce the efficiency of the body system and produce a sluggish response to the challenges of life. In the last moments before someone dies there’s often an audible guttural sound, which is the beginning of the transition between the external and abstract breathing principles. It’s the withdrawing death breath on which the life essence goes on into the reality behind the form.

In making love, the death breath is spiritually intuited as the purity of space. When two people are consciously merged as a unity of the male and female principles, any description in words will be inadequate. To participate in love at this octave of being is not unlike discovering an ability to breathe underwater. Almost but not completely impossible. The idea is to abandon everything, including the need to exist (since I do exist), and to be as nothing except an emanation of devotion and gratitude to that which can never be known. When someone is fearless, the false perception (which creates the world and movement) falls away and life as the pristine idea of existence is perceived.

The earth is a living organism of cosmic origin. As human beings (the intelligence that came from the planetary consciousness) we enter the world on the life breath, the active principle of creation. For most people the sensory experience of living is enough to process without being too concerned with any reality behind the appearance of things. But when spiritually motivated to find a greater truth, what is revealed is the natural pause that occurs between each breath. This minute interruption of the continuity of life is the gap between each frame of existence. The spiritual inspiration draws the attention to focus on this aperture to the invisible side of life, and the area of the body that assists this inner process most directly is the solar plexus. By focusing regularly on this part of the body, the sensory life breath becomes attuned in time with the death breath. This sets in motion the cosmic calling of the inner sun, the nucleus of the being that is God.