The Divinity of Man and Woman

January 25, 2020 3 By Lance Kelly

Despite the global movement to eliminate the distinction between the male and female genders, the indisputable fact is that man and woman are different species, characterised by the sexual organs. But the significance of the physical appearance goes way beyond the sensory perception to the divinity of character behind each of us on earth.

The nature of woman is love, whereas her character is responsibility. When a woman is immersed in her nature as the pure female presence, she is living love. But without the conscious alignment with this divine inner state, she will not be responsible as the custodian of love on earth. As a consequence, she will be out of character when exposed to the forces of the world. At these times, she will often defend or justify her emotional position of unresolved pain of the past that divides her from her true nature of love. The world exists to undermine the female principle since it was created on the sexual drive of man. The beauty and mystery of woman is continually sullied by the casual use of language and unconscious behaviour, particularly in mixed company. Men are skilled in introducing suggestive innuendos as a way to generate psychic sex – the chief source of entertainment at most social events.

Man’s nature is nobility and his character is authority – pure authority as the personification of truth in existence. It’s the nobility of man that woman adores, but has little opportunity to be demonstrated in these times. The action, for example, of holding a door for a lady or offering a seat to her in the bus is likely to seem archaic or be frowned upon by some. And so it is said that the age of chivalry is dead. But this makes no difference to the nature of the male principle, which retains the original knowledge that characterises man’s noble purpose in existence. This is to restore woman, his love, to her original nature; and is the means in which he realises his true authority as a man of character in the world.

The spiritual ideas of the male and female principles are aspects of the hierarchal structure of the divine mind. At the summit of the pyramid of existence is the supreme idea of Mankind: a shimmering sun of blue-white intensity from which all things in creation take their inspiration as a movement in time towards the ideal. Regardless of what happens in the outer world, the timeless reality that is the domain of Mankind remains pristine and unaffected within the stationary matrix of the inner realm.

The female principle of love is concealed behind the appearance of every physical woman’s body on earth. ‘She’, the impersonal Goddess all men in existence desire more than anything (unconscious though this may be), can only enter existence through his nobility of action – to love selflessly in the physical act of lovemaking through taking nothing for himself. It’s this alone which gives him the authority to bring woman closer to God and to raise her consciousness in truth. The word ‘authority’ derives from ‘author’, which means to originate or give existence to something. Further back in time, the Greek word for authority was ‘authentikos’, meaning a principle of incontrovertible properties. When a man is in harmony with his noble nature, he ‘authorises’ love to enter existence in sheer devotion to ‘She’ the beloved through his union with the Divine Will. This gives man his authority as the active principle in the world. The passive nature of the female principle is the stillness and grace of impersonal love.

The merging of the active and passive poles of existence is the tantric dimension of life. This has a reciprocal exchange in divesting both man and woman of the emotional element that attaches lovers to sentiment and the considerations of personal feelings – which are the death of love. As the de-personalising process to the form intensifies, the reflection of each other’s divine character is gradually realised within the flesh. Through grace the light of the Lord, the character of the most high in existence, radiates through the psyche of the opposite principle in the realisation of God as love in existence. This rarest of all spiritual realisations is then lived in the individual’s life, and brought into the world as pure living love.

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