The Emanation of Life

October 9, 2021 0 By Lance Kelly

Emanation is the essence of spirit, the flow of eternity released into existence on waves of time. Carried on the flow are capsules of energetic ideas which pass through the echelons of the psyche to shape and fashion our perception of life. Each of us is an emanation of life, a universal source of reality. But pure life begins to absorb the effects of time as past the closer in proximity to physical manifestation. Life is further conditioned as it passes through the densest gradient of time: the human psyche. The mind, until conscious of a higher intelligence, interprets life through the feeling aspect of self, which produces a personal world of memorable impressions gathered since birth.  People rarely agree on matters of fact, opting to defend what they think is right – mostly based on beliefs which often conflict with those of others.  The overall effect is a polarised world of reactionary beings, primed to give vent to their rage and unresolved inner demons.

Emanation and presence are different aspects of self-knowledge. Emanation is the unchanging state of the idea behind the form. The presence of something is continually changing, such as the presence of anger, elation or fear. A broader example is the presence of troops deployed by a government in some trouble spot in the world. Their continued presence is subject to innumerable external factors; but what emanates at a deeper level of mind is the idea of a solution that is consonant with the harmony of life as a whole and not a particular segment of the human race. Whereas presence changes within matter as an effect of time and past, the emanation of something is unaffected by the caprice of outer forces. Another example is when someone registers the presence of a dead relative or loved one. The presence itself can waver and eventually fade, but retained within consciousness is the emanation of the knowledge that contact has been made within the being.

When the search for spiritual truth becomes a total practice, a man or woman develops a keen inner discernment. Having resolved unconscious energy leakages, the individual becomes attuned to the emanation of life behind the body. The normally divided senses that previously created a disjointed worldview as isolated receivers of life begin to merge as a unity of sensory perception. The five senses then function as a unified system, collectively producing the mysterious sixth sense through which the emanation of life is perceived.

The emanation of the times is the truth of the times which convey the universal idea of any particular phase of human evolution. The truth of these times is that humanity is in a transitory period of discarding an outdated mode of living for a revolutionary way of life that will transform life on earth. Humanity is poised to enter a new space age with the possibility of travel to other planets, and then the stars. The discovery of a new energy source will coincide with technology able to exceed the calculated speed of light; this will be hailed as the greatest wonder of all time. The effects will be truly astonishing and beyond anything that has come before. But regardless of where humanity travels in the future, the emanation of the spiritual essence of the earth will never change in its timeless consciousness. It will always be calling man and woman home back to the place of original love.