The Embrace of the Spirit

June 21, 2024 4 By Lance Kelly

Acceptance of life and a state of equanimity are sacrosanct to the embrace of the spirit. At the behest of this inscrutable power, human beings arise into matter with a natural impulse to embrace the people and things which give pleasure – and avoid, wherever possible, influences and relationships that upset the harmony of life. But clearly something gets in the way which makes living for many a bitter and prolonged struggle that depletes the virtue of life.

The embrace of the spirit is reflected in the sensory earth, which instils in those sensitive the pure essence of their own divine nature. Being in the beauty of the earth, whether in the garden, park or rainforest, is a natural restorative essential to the wellbeing of us all. When lovers embrace, or someone is held in the warmth and comfort of another body, the communication within edifies the consciousness and brings that being to life. But as wonderful as this can be, it’s only a temporary respite from the waves of emotional force which assail everyone in one way or another. The material world of concrete and steel superimposed upon the simplicity of the earth has forged a division of conflict within the human psyche.

People tend to have less inclination in these times to be grounded in the earth of their bodies, which is the source of the palpable sensation of being alive. No longer connected to the body as a fully integrated being, the person exists primarily as a mental intelligence in the head. A computer (being a head without a body) is also unable to feel the life inside its external casing. In future generations the integration of replica human robots into society will create a hybrid sub-species which will have a disturbing effect within the psyche and particularly in the love between man and woman. This, however, will be an essential link to the next phase of human evolution and space exploration.

And yet, through the shrieking minds and bewilderment of the human race, the embrace of the spirit makes the undergoing possible. That we have lost what once was paradise on earth is not a disaster but a turn of the wheel of time that ensures life goes on, although the outer forms change as they must. The world of the masses, who have neither the time nor inclination to pause in their busy lives to examine their life with any real meaning, conceptualises the embrace of the spirit as hope. The mystic, the one who loves God or the source of truth more than the world, needs no hope having discovered a deeper reality that is not reliant on the changing outer conditions of the sense-perceived world.

Everyone is looking for something of value to live and serve, something of permanence that encompasses their time in the world and endures after the death of the body. Unconscious living accumulates as living death, which is registered as lethargy, indifference, and indignation towards anything that suggests a practical way out. It’s not what someone does or fails to live up to in the eyes of the world that’s important – it’s the holding on to experience as thinking and reflection on the memories of the past that creates the blip in time and keeps God or reality seemingly at a distance.

The embrace of the spirit comes naturally to everyone when day is done and the body system slows down, and the perception sinks mercifully into sleep. But it’s being conscious in the waking hours that eventually resolves any problem areas in the life. Spiritual energy is negation, the energy that eliminates the emotional layers of past which dam the flow of life. To embrace the spirit now and to participate in that exalted state every moment is to refuse to look back on what was or what might have been. This is the power of the human spirit in matter able to transcend the need to ever suffer again.