The Essence of Woman

May 7, 2022 4 By Lance Kelly


The essence of woman is pure impersonal love; but it’s rare today for a woman to be what she is in the world. This is because the world itself is in revolt to what she fundamentally represents. As human nature became established as the dominant force in existence, woman was left floundering in an alien environment where love had been usurped by a substitute energy reliant on the past to affirm the reality of the present; this was the energy of emotion. To compensate for what was sensed to be missing, woman projected her love onto her children. This made her vulnerable to the demands of man who was able to use the leverage of her attachment to her young for his own sexual satisfaction.

The root of woman’s anger, which often rises to assail man, is deep within the primordial psyche. It is that ‘She’, the principle of love, is unable to come forward so as be realised uninterruptedly in the world because the male energy of sex periodically cuts her off from divine union in the flesh. With her original power conditioned by the twisted, immature and manipulative force of sex without love, woman had no choice but to follow the example of man and leave her spiritual garden to enter the harsh, loveless domain of the world. Over time this engendered a pathological hatred of man which, together with his often appalling treatment of her through the ages, invoked in the female consciousness a reciprocal energy. In many cases, she found she could use the beauty of her body as a lure to seduce man by utilising his own manipulative sexual force. This made her despise herself in having to resort to enticing man in this way as a means to safeguard her needs and security in the world.

Woman’s demonic fury towards man persists today in varying degrees within every woman on earth until sufficiently faced and resolved. Where she often goes wrong is in her expectation that the formless being of her perfect lover within can be replicated externally as perfection in the man. When she sees any weakness in him, instead of pointing out in love where he may have been unaware of what was making her disturbed or irritated, she pounces on him with emotional force. This immediately makes the man defensive, with a predictable emotional confrontation that usually ends with one or the other storming out in rage. The spiritual task in love is to purify the matter in each body to reach a higher level of consciousness; this is done through making love with purpose.

Man’s task in love is to consciously take woman, back to the garden of love into her womb; but both have to be willing to play their part and be swift enough to contain any emotional negativity before it can arise to sully the space between them. A woman can help a man who is worthy (which means he can demonstrate he’s truly willing to listen to her without reacting) in the following way: to acknowledge his actions whenever she sees him being true to love, perhaps in a sweet gesture in the moment or the way he pauses to acknowledge something in nature. This connects him with his divine authority and imbues him with the power to go on loving when the struggle to retain his nobility of purpose wavers at any time. He in turn responds by acknowledging the privilege of being with such a woman and demonstrates this through his actions in the everyday affairs of living.

The power of the female principle is in the absence of force or intent to change anything, or influence another, as a projection into the world. She does what she has to do in the world and, if called upon, has much wisdom to impart from her purified space of love. Sometimes, when a woman begins to tap into this level of divine love, she assumes she can then teach man, and perhaps other women, to reach a similar degree of consciousness. Although the impulse may be to truly serve others, she has to examine whether she is using any unresolved male sexual force within her psyche to do this. If so, she will sooner or later be besieged by periodic bouts of depression, fatigue and self-doubt. A deepening spiritual sensitivity gradually develops in a woman to discern where in, the past, she may have been invited by the mind to outspeed the moment or interfere where it wasn’t necessary. Eventually she may discover that her greatest gift to the world is simply being what she is as the divine essence of love.