The Essential Practice.

September 9, 2022 1 By Lance Kelly

When someone realises a depth of reality that brings about an unalterable change of consciousness, the significance of the present is dramatically enhanced. This is because the accumulation of past (which is the substance of the emotional self) has been transformed through the essential practice of being present in the body. When the mind is still and in the absence of thought, the normal movement of emotional energy is neutralised. This has the effect of reconstituting the fragmented parts of the emotion as a whole entity of self. This is the first step in mastering the mind and aberrant emotional energies which, given free rein, rise up through the subconscious to take possession of the mind.

As a consequence of the emotional way of life devised by the human race, any inner feeling is immediately interpreted by the mind to approximate stored memory impressions of the past. This is such a frequent occurrence and happens so rapidly that it results in a mind that is constantly shifting from one thing to another. Consequently, people are rarely ever fully present and lag behind the optimum point of now as shades of their divine light of reality. The main obstacle that people encounter when focusing the attention within the body is the discomfort registered through the emotional build-up of pain which has been accumulating since birth.

It’s rare for someone to enter the body in stillness when there are currently no specific external triggers to agitate the sense of wellbeing (although it only takes one negative thought to upset the inner state). This is why the practice often becomes piecemeal and is rarely undertaken with the resolve to go all the all way to realise the transcendental truth behind the physical form. So it’s important to become accustomed to the workings of the inner self at all times and not just when the pressure of the world is rampant. If there is a difficulty focusing the attention within on what appears to be nothing, the pure sensation in the body can always be registered initially to help still the mind. Although there may still be some pain and discomfort, the body consciousness is now resonating to the frequency of the present. This has the effect of transforming the past negative emotions to the purity of love in the flesh.

Gratitude offered to the source of life and love is also an essential practice in the daily life. Gratitude asks for nothing but the privilege of acknowledging something greater than the personal self. When the devotion to the unknown source within is greater than the love of the world, the fear and uncertainty of living is transcended. The man or woman then knows, through the implicit knowledge of their own state of being, that they are more than just a physical body and are an essential part of the vast movement called life on earth. The practice of being conscious and alert in the senses gradually, or in an instant, brings about the perception of the truth of who I am before the body manifests in space and time.

The living life consists of gathering experience. Since most people are unconscious of their actions and live a mainly robotic existence, their journey through life often seems dull and repetitive, peppered with highpoints and periods of depression. When a man or woman begins to awaken from the dream of existence, all that has been experienced is now subjected to a deeper spiritual discernment, invoked through the willing surrender of the person to their own unfathomable divine source of intelligence. The living life then takes on a new urgency and creative passion because the inner transformation of self is synonymous with the purification phase of the after death process. The virtue of this is realised in the harmonising of relationships and external circumstances. And even more significant is the realisation that life is everlasting, for even in the death of the form there I shall be, eternal and free.