The Finer Perception

September 30, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

The significance of life is realised through an ever finer perception of reality. As the burden of the past is transformed in the process of self-surrender, the perception adjusts accordingly. Then, what was beyond the understanding of the mind is recognised as another dimension of life that operates behind the formal appearance of the world: the other side of existence, accessible through the finer perception of our spiritual system of intelligence.

Perception is what I am in each body and determines the reality of what I communicate as knowledge of the experience of life on earth. The extent of self-knowledge varies enormously among human beings. The finer the perception, the more something is seen as it truly is, which communicates the purity of the idea behind its appearance in the formal world of the senses. A mind that is continually active with errant thinking and mental picturing will be unable to focus on any one thing for long. Such people become restless and easily bored and lack the discernment to look beyond the superficial levels of the mind. As someone becomes more receptive to periods of inner stillness, the perception responds as a function of greater magnification, which enables the transmission of reality to be received more directly.

The normal mode of perception isolates a particular slice of life and then translates it as closely as possible through past experiences stored within the memory. Depending on the virulence of emotional feelings that arise, the experience being processed is then further personalised and distorts the truth at any given moment. Over a lifetime, the combined feelings of the experience gathered since birth are energetically consolidated as a solid body of self. The substance of self is the past which lives on as the unresolved aspects of the living life. This considerably reduces the finer perceptions of an individual and, collectively, creates a world of conflicting attitudes, opinions and beliefs.

Each moment offers the opportunity for a finer perception of the wonder and mystery of existence. When the perception is allowed to function as it was intended, the senses unite to produce the glorious sensual production of life. This creates the sixth sense of our integrated being. In the natural world there’s always an opportunity to experience the sixth sense by looking without any interpretation by the mind. A tree or a flower (or anything in nature) needs no embellishment because the perception itself carries an energetic signal of the essence behind its appearance. In this natural state of receptivity to life the mind slows down; this has the effect of restoring the vital energies of the body consciousness. When making love, the opportunity to utilise the finer perception is enhanced because the original state of being is inherent within each body. The principle of love, when made conscious, unites the perception within the vibrant nucleus centre of the male and female principles. This is realised as impersonal love, which is the divinity of life in existence.

To go beyond the normal mode of perception is to look within the body at the absence of form in the void of the inner realm. When someone is able to look at nothing while remaining conscious, he or she is inducted into the level of pure perception and the normal fixed position of mind is transcended. This is the introduction to reality, which is being without a centre as an integrated point of existence. The finest perception operates within this purity of space and intuited to be the power and presence behind all things. Implicit in this state is the knowledge of life beyond the mortal realm and that everything is perfect despite the appearance of the conflict and disharmony in the world.