The Flaming Sword 

August 7, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly

When Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden, it’s written in the bible that God created a flaming sword to prevent entry back into paradise. And that’s the truth. Entry into paradise is not permitted until first passing through the flaming sword at the guardian level of the psyche. The flaming sword, which purifies the corruption in matter of the emotional ignorance of self, guards entry into the realms of higher mind. It’s the ring-pass-not which, until the man or woman is willing to bear the pain of self-disintegration, keeps the curious at bay and human beings floundering in the time-ridden echelons of the psyche.

To bring the myth of the flaming sword into the present, I’ll endeavour to describe, from behind the psychic projection of the mind’s external vision, the reality of our inner being. Everyone at some point in their lives unites with the truth of their spiritual reality. It may be fleeting, or the state may last long enough never to be forgotten. This is because the mythic Garden of Eden is symbolic of the sensual experience of life and of everything that we love and cherish as beings of the earth. The garden myths of all cultures are symbolic of this quality of original space. When in love or in touch with the beauty of the earth, we receive intimations from this purified level of the psyche since it’s always accessible as the original state of being.

As human nature developed and imposed itself on the perpetual harmony of life on earth, the psychic structure beneath the surface level of mind began to undergo a strange transformation. Where once there was only the preconscious (which was the instantaneous release of reality with no psychic impediments to inhibit the transmission of time) there now appeared divisions within the inner realm. This was due to the build-up of past which began to accrue within the psyche. Consequently, the corruption of human nature became a blockage in time due to the deepening attachment to the physical body and sensory world. Where death had once been the most natural occurrence whereby the individual simply withdrew back into the state of everlasting life, the fundamental drive was now to outlaw death as something to be feared. The reciprocal within the psyche was a collision of forces that began to warp the flow of life as reality.

Over time, there developed two distinct levels of mind: the unconscious in the deeper realm of the psyche, and the subconscious connecting the human behavioural responses to sensory awareness. When someone begins in earnest to purify their inner space they begin to travel back through the tracks of time, which is their unresolved past experience. This unresolved body of time is the emotional self which exists in revolt to the harmony of life lived in the moment. As the man or woman discovers a greater authority through inner stillness and attending to the outer circumstances of the life, the contraction within the psychic space begins to level out.

In the deepest recess of the brain is the enlightenment point which functions, not unlike a lighthouse, to guide the way back home. As the consciousness point becomes ever more brilliant, the intelligence (which is I the perceiver of life) inexorably gravitates towards union with this point of reality. The union of intelligence with the enlightenment point is protected by a radiant sphere of energy: the flaming sword that guards the spiritual point, the godhead of the being. At a prescribed degree of self-knowledge, the material aspect of the brain is transcended. This marks the entry into paradise whereby the life takes on a new sense of purpose. This is the original state of being that we all aspire to realise, whether consciously or unconsciously, in the living out of our lives.