The Gift of Love

July 30, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

Is it possible that every moment of the life’s experience is a gift of love, a sacred offering which is edifying to the consciousness? And if this is so, why does love seem to fade and even disappear, casting a shadow over the light of the being? Does love possibly require something in return to sustain its divine presence within the man or woman during their lifespan on planet earth?

Love is the emanation of the earth’s spiritual being, the unifying principle within matter. The power of love is renewed each creative moment as the pastless quality of pure sensual life. Beauty arises on this wave of the present and harmonises with the full spectrum of sensory forms to create nature and the elements that shape the world we see around us. Where love is present, there is peace on earth. But love offers no resistance to the forces of existence, which find expression through human nature as an emotional way of life.

Love is being conscious in the present; emotion is an energy of pain attached to the past. Whereas love is still and undemanding, emotion exists in movement dependent on the co-operation of the person for its self-preservation and possession of the mind. When emotionally excited or depressed, the gift of love cannot be received and separates from its original unity. In the absence of love, conflict arises either within or between opposing factions in the world.

A divine gift transcends the personal element so that the individual becomes an impersonal vessel of love. The gift of love arises into existence from within, and reflected without through a particular life form. However, to receive love’s benediction there is a price which ensures that the integrity of love’s purpose will be served. This is responsibility for love – the original state of being. The purity and innocence inherent within all the species is impersonal love, free and wild in its spontaneous expression of instinctual life. Human beings are not exempt from this wave of pure love; it’s just that, over time, the gift of love has become profaned by the abdication of responsibility for this most precious connection with our eternal origins.

Can someone really transform their emotional self to love in existence? The answer is that love is limitless in both its wonder and power to transform matter back to its original purity. Our stock as beings of the earth is love. Regardless of the burden of past that each is apportioned at birth in varying degrees, love is not beyond bringing the most turgid cells of past human ignorance to full fruition of spiritual enlightenment. Each of us is born as a bundle of innocence, but then soon compelled to gather experience of the pleasure and pain of being in existence. It’s through grace that someone emerges later as an adult and determines to discover a deeper truth than the fluctuating emotional feelings that shape and define the person in the world.

Today love struggles to retain its presence in a way that sustains the majority of the earth’s population. And yet love continues to give and serve its divine purpose. Consequently it falls upon the individual alone to make a stand for love, should they be inspired to invoke the spiritual principle of their own inner being and raise it to a conscious level of mind. A man or woman becomes the embodiment of love when they are no longer prepared to justify and defend their emotional pain. At their own request, the individual exercises their divine right to willingly offer their life to serve love in existence, come as it may. At times, events and circumstances will appear to sabotage the harmony of living and actually make things harder to just get by. But such periods of uncertainty disguise life’s master plan for he or she who is the gift of love in the making.