The Great Divide

March 10, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

We don’t have to look far to see where the great divide exists in the world, the most glaring example being the discrepancy between the rich and the poor. Then there’s the growing division between the genders which is gradually eliminating the natural expression of love between man and woman in favour of a unisex culture. More than anything else, it’s the abdication of love on earth that has contributed to the great divide.

At every level of society there are opposing factions, as in our political systems where someone is either for or against a particular party’s policies. Minorities exist to challenge the status quo, whereas religion and the beliefs of followers provide the emotional fervour to initiate more intensified forces in existence. The overall effect of the great divide has been to set in motion what are now irrevocable changes to the planet’s ecosystem as a consequence of global warming. What is usually imperceptible is that even the apparent chaos and confusion of the times is working for good – but clearly a good that most are unable to comprehend. Things happen the way they do because that’s the way we as humanity want it to be. Humanity doesn’t really exist, but signifies a level of higher mind which is continuously evolving towards an ideal that remains elusively out of reach.

We human beings occupy a privileged position within the hierarchy of the species, having been awarded a unique super sense: self-consciousness. In the beginning, this allowed the faculty of intelligence to know and reflect on the source of our eternal origins. But with the emergence of human nature (which was a substitute nature opposed to the natural order of things), a fault line developed within the pre-conscious space of the psyche. The vibration of this set in motion other lines of force which crystallised as a structure of mind. This had the effect of projecting human intelligence further out into the screen of sense. Eventually, the mind became completely identified with the material outer world and we lost contact with the source of everlasting life within. What had begun as original unity now manifested as a divisive world with everyone in a particular body of space and time.

To exist is to be bound to a cycle of coming and goings in accordance with incontrovertible laws, most conspicuously the cycle of death and rebirth. The physical body is symbolic of now. Nothing ever happens where the body is not, except in the dreamstuff of mind which seduces the innocence of stillness to work its peculiar magic as a divider of the totality of life.  Even to speak to another involves the projection of sound to bridge the gap between our separate physical bodies. Beyond existence is unknowable, except in the moment of truth realisation when all is lost; but what is gained is retained forever as union with the source of all life. And yet, while embodied, we all live in the great divide, some separated by a greater distance and others a little closer to home. To unite with life as a state of being is to discover the true significance of being a man or woman of integrity while living, undivided, in the world.