The Great Divide 

April 18, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

To exist is to be bound to a cycle of coming and goings in accordance with incontrovertible laws, most conspicuously the cycle of death and rebirth. Even to speak to another involves the projection of sound to bridge the gap between our separate physical bodies. Beyond existence is unknowable, except in the moment of truth realisation when all is lost; but what is gained is retained forever as union with the Father of Lights. And yet while embodied we all live in the great divide, some separated by a greater distance and others a little closer to home.

The physical body is symbolic of now. Nothing ever happens where the body is not, except in the dreamstuff of mind which seduces the innocence of stillness to work its peculiar magic as a divider of the totality of life. To assume otherwise involves leaving the moment and the reality of being present in the senses. It’s amazing that, despite being so vulnerable in a physical body with the threat of injury, disease and the inevitability of old age, we still find it acceptable to carry on, even with the death sentence already pronounced. How come? It’s because each of us is living for something greater than our personal life suggests.

The knowledge of life’s purpose, although retained deep within the psyche, is mostly unconscious – which means unknown to the surface level of mind. To compensate, human beings have invented a way which seemingly bridges the great divide between the inner and outer worlds. This is through the language of prayer. Human beings have always prayed; to exist is to be in a constant state of prayer. But the knowledge of the implications of prayer has been virtually forgotten, and now after thousands of years of humanity’s external projections we’re stuck with the consequences of our actions. The error has been the assumption that prayer works only for good. In praying for peace on earth, or asking for someone in particular to be blessed or saved, we unknowingly create the opposite polarity. Not only does this take from another whose condition may get worse, but when multiplied by the billions of prayer waves continually being projected, the result is the overall chaos and injustice endemic in the world.

From our sensory perception we don’t have to look far to see where the great divide exists in the world, the most glaring example being the discrepancy between the rich and the poor. Then there’s the growing division between the genders which is gradually eliminating the natural expression of love between man and woman in favour of a unisex culture. It’s the abdication of love on earth that’s contributed more than anything else to the great divide in the world. The esoteric truth behind the appearance of the manifested world throws some light on the matter. Beginning as a point in the still mind, the radiant idea of the earth travels on the focus of the Divine Will in its active mode. The pristine idea travels on this beam of reflected light and immediately divides into the two fundamental principles of existence: love and truth. The further the idea enters the psyche, the less potent the transmission of spirit which, unable to continue as a vertical power line, then splits into two distinct recognisable energies. These are registered by the brain as the male and female polarities of existence. The initial contact of the dominant principle determines the sex of the gender. Love represents the nature of woman, while truth personifies the character of man.

These times highlight the predicament of being physically separated from others, particularly from friends and family. The wonders of modern technology make it possible to be in contact, and being connected in this way gives a sense of wellbeing for a while. But there is a way of healing the divide for all time which is available to every man and woman through the most potent prayer of all. This is to silently offer gratitude to the source of life and love within each of us – not just once a week or when it seems appropriate to show gratitude, but every moment when reminded as an impulse from within. This prayer takes nothing from creation, yet gives back what’s most important to the wellbeing of humanity – the power of love. And it’s this which heals the great divide.