The Guiding Light

March 3, 2023 1 By Lance Kelly

From birth, everyone is guided by the light which radiates from the spiritual being behind the form. The connection with the light diminishes in time as the experience of living intensifies and the person becomes ever more transfixed upon the projected outer world. Guidance by the light continues throughout the life cycle, although usually imperceptibly to sensory perception.

In many people the light is intuited during periods of hardship as hope for a better future. But for someone who reaches a point of radical self-change, the guiding light often manifests externally as an unmistakable sign of a shift in consciousness. This can take the form of a vision or symbols, for example through natural phenomena such as a rainbow but accompanied by a mystical element that communicates a deeper connection beyond the surface level of mind. Or there may a brief encounter with someone that has the immediacy of reality consonant with the inner state of being.

For the world of the masses, there is no reversing what has been invoked by the shielding of the light of the one good or God. But for the individual alone, the potential for spiritual advancement is heightened due to the times and reflex action within the psyche to this unprecedented moment in human evolution. There is now an opening within the psyche that is allowing the energy of the times to bring forward the qualities of the next epoch of human earth culture. These energies, when invoked by a willingness to surrender the person on behalf of the greater good, magnifies the power of the guiding light to a degree that would not have been possible before.

The light forever seeks to replicate the source of its original inspiration in eternity through innumerable life recurrences on earth. This does not refer to any previous lives or the doctrine of reincarnation, but to the evolving point of consciousness within the spiritual being. Each of us is connected to a vast cosmic matrix of light, sometimes referred as the ‘Father of Lights’. Nature and the elements create a field of superimposed light that permeates the psychic realm of human experience retained energetically within inner space. However, such is the degenerative impact of negative forces accrued over the millennia that the effects have now physically externalised as the imbalance of the ecosystem and pollution of the planets, oceans and natural habitats.

The purpose of existence is to gather sufficient experience, and through the pleasure and pain polarities of living, to be divested of the attachment to time, which runs on indefinitely by humanity’s subservience to the past. The past is kept alive by the emotionality of the human race which crawls tediously from one life’s experience to the next. That is, until the guiding light shines through the psyche of the man or woman at a luminosity that sets in motion the final recurrence and freedom from the known.