The Hum

September 5, 2018 2 By Lance Kelly

There’s a modern phenomenon that relates to a mysterious ‘hum’ that people hear throughout the world. As a matter of fact, there are even groups dedicated to finding its source! This hum has become so much part of the subconscious landscape that it now ticks over like the background drone of an electrical generator.

The hum is the residue of emotion, the echo of unhappiness within the human psyche that manifests through the electromagnetic pulse of the world. Emotion vibrates at a depressingly low frequency that literally sucks the living life or finest energies from the organism. However, at the spiritual octave the hum is the echo of eternity, the sacred sound of creation without which it would be impossible to go on.

In the evolution of life on earth, emotion was the initiating force that was necessary to bring the human ape to the incipient state of self-consciousness. On a rising wave of emotion, the principle of Man emerged from the dark sunless underworld and entered the physical body prepared through the evolution of the other species. It was an intense and traumatic experience. Once the process was completed, emotion was to be discarded to enable human beings to participate with the totality of life as sovereigns of the earth.

What has happened, and is now the scourge of the world, is that the emotional substance of past has usurped the individual’s original state of being and become the background vibration of self. At this stage of human evolution, transforming the emotional self back to its original state of purity is the overriding purpose for anyone serious in making a worthwhile contribution to the harmony of life on earth.